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  1. Currently it seems only supporting aspect ratio exists which isn't what one always want. Would be useful to have a "fit"parameter that would crop the image to fit into a fixed constraint.

  2. That was a simple example, but there are cases where many items might be different. I have done both approaches, but to tell the truth I have felt using initialize and assigning components to the...
  3. Cannot go back to the first tab
  4. While I understand why using config, I would ask this question to see what you would recommend. Say I have a panel whose html is set differently based a some global variable. A good example is say...
  5. Ext.define("SWENGLE.view.TabPanelTest", {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype : 'xswengle-view-tabpaneltest',
    config: {
    layout: 'fit',
    cls: 'swengle-view-tabpaneltest',
  6. Fix obviously did not work or regressed in the 2.0 release
  7. When returning false on activeitemchange on an the panel does not switch but the button on the tabbar is highlighted. This should not occur.
  8. Returning false from an activeitemchange listener on an does indeed prevent the switching of the card but the button itself remains active. Is this the desired behavior?
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    I have a view that scrolls vertically. Within this view there are components that scroll horizontally. In S1 I use to set the threshold so that the confusion between vertical and horizontal swipes...
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    That seems to fix it
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    If I set flex to 1 for all items then it is rendered. In S1 though it use to render and the height of each item was the height of the content. What is confusing is it does it for Panel but not...
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    The following code shows the foo and bar panel but the Ext.form.Panel sandwiched between the two is not visible. Any ideas?

    name: 'Sencha',

    launch: function() {
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