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  1. related to:

    as a quick workaround-fix to fetch controllers defined inside the controllers array of the app and to ensure they are not...
  2. hi guys,

    take a look at

    calling reset() on a field does clear the inputEl, but calling getValue() afterwards still shows the value that should have get...
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  4. there you go:

    seems cuppertino and mountain view theme related.
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    Prompt example, top of the page:

    Ext.Msg.prompt('Name', 'Please enter your name:', function(text) {
    // process text value and...
  6. using:

    Ext.Msg.prompt('change username', null, function(buttonId, username) {
    if (buttonId === 'ok') {


    the 2nd param preventCreate sounds like a boolean to me.
  8. stumbled upon the same issue on a client project.

    looking at the mixed collection of MyApp.controllers shows a key of undefined for each one (they are defined inside the controllers array of the...
  9. setting onItemDisclosure: true has no visual effect.

    using the neptune theme, looking into the dom i see:

    class="x-unsized x-size-monitored x-paint-monitored x-list-disclosure...
  10. funny one :)

    property : 'firstName',
    value : 'Don'
  11. Hi Gary, this is weird.

    I only need to use CMD- (CMD and minus) once in your fiddle, which reduces the resolution to 90%.
  12. hello everyone,

    i have to admit that this is an edge-case. when you hit CMD- (Mac, Chrome), the browser will re-calculate and round the widths, reducing it by 0.1px.

    since the 2 columns use...
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    hello everyone,

    i am trying to create a theme for Ext modern and am struggling quite a bit.

    in case i change the package.json file of the theme to

    "extend": "theme-cupertino",
  14. hi guys,

    to keep it simple lets assume i have a tagfield with a store that contains 3 records: 1, 2, 3.

    click on the first row of the boundlist, then on the second one.

    you will see the...
  15. hmm, thought that would be trivial since you can see there is no listerners config in the labelable file :)

    try this:

    name : 'Fiddle',

    launch : function() {
  16. hi guys,

    the summary error tooltip for the row editor always renders to the right of the grid,
    without checking if there is space or not. this often results in cut off tooltips (screenshot...
  17. hi guys,

    when using the fieldDefaults config in a FormPanel, i noticed that listeners get ignored completely.

    The reason is that the Ext.form.Labelable -> setFieldDefaults method only allows...
  18. hi team,

    the same one as my bug report for ext 5, not sure if this is tagged in your Jira for this version as well.
  19. In case you do not want to change the code of the SCSS mixin, the probably easiest way to do it for now is an override on CSS level.
  20. Hi Gary,

    I don't think we need a test case for this one, since it is so obvious -> .x-accordion-item .x-grid-header-ct just applies to all child grids on all levels.

    In case you want to...
  21. hi guys,

    i have a use case where accordions have panels as direct children which contain layouts and deeper nested childs like grids.

    i noticed, that the grids have no outer side borders and...
  22. go to:!/api/Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing

    change the width to 650

    Ext.create('', {
  23. same snippet as in the other post:

    the screenshot should...
  24. modified the code from the docs a little:

    Ext.create('', {
    fields:['firstname', 'lastname', 'seniority', 'dep', 'hired'],
  25. framework version:

    the error-tooltip gets shown right next to the grid row, not checking if it gets cut off.

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