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  1. Just curious, what right now are some legitimate Ext alternatives and competitors? I was talking with a coworker about my preference for Ext for all things when it comes to RIA's, and he made the...
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    Great work, thank you!
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    That's too bad. I had a great time as Senchacon 2011 in Austin and was hoping to see one scheduled for 2012.
  4. I have a few users who prefer to enter dates in the date fields in YYYYMMDD format. It would be nice to be able to handle this format rather than simply tell them to add the hyphens. Is there any...
  5. basically i have a tab panel, one of the tabs has two grids. I want them to be stacked in equal height.

    everything lays out fine but the vertical scrollbars don't appear unless I page forward...
  6. I would like to know this too.
  7. I would like to know this too.
  8. bump...
  9. I have a formpanel with buttons, when setting the width property on the buttons when declaring, the setting has no effect. I want the buttons to be wider than the minimum to hold the text. Any...
  10. Ok so date.usestrict fixed the odd tabbing behavior. However, now a data grid that I have which is using a date is no longer displaying the date properly. Example, ajax is returning this:

  11. Behavior:

    I have a datefield. This is using a custom validator function config.

    If I type "2011" into the date field, then hit tab to the next field, it auto populates the field with...
  12. I have a dataview tied to a data store. Within each node I have some divs which I apply ext components to using applyTo() like some buttons and some of the form fields. When a node is removed, the...
  13. I have a select field I'm rendering with HTML, but at certain points this will be a disabled (using the disabled flag in the select tag). When this is disabled, I want a qtip to display on mouseover...
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    How can I setup the grid filter to display in a column header of a field that doesn't necessarily match the dataindex value? It seems to match up to whatever the dataindex is set to, am I not seeing...
  15. Dagger.

    Now the qtips on an invalid form entry are hidden under the mask and the modal window....
  16. Nevermind I tried calling setZIndex('999999'); on the window after calling show() and it pulled it up.

  17. I have a tabpanel that sometimes has the body masked based on access privileges.

    On the same page there is a modal window that I pop up. However, when the mask is on the tabpanel, the modal...
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    var state = {}

    that will populate the state variable with a JSON representation of your current filter settings

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    Is there a way to specify a state when you first specify the filters? I'm looking to load up the filter state when I call

    this.plugins = new Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters({
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    Thanks, hendricd! That worked like a charm.
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    Forgive me for not reading all 85 pages of this thread, but is there a way to quickly grab the current filters and/or load them?

    I'm looking to save a user's preferences (aka last filter setting)...
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    Any way to show on the column header some sort of status if a filter is active on that column without having to click on the dropdown?
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