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    I'm trying to figure out whether Sencha Touch supports lists like jQuery Mobile's inset-styled lists:

    In UIKit, I believe these type of...
  2. Bump.
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    Well, are you using a GXT Button or a GWT Button? A GXT Button does not extend a GWT Button, so these listeners/handlers are only usable by their respective library's Button widget.
  4. I have a ToolBar that has multiple ComboBox's. The default for ToolBar's is overflowEnabled = true, which means that if the components on the ToolBar cannot fit within the container size, a menu will...
  5. It looks like you are using the GWT SuggestBox. If so, I'm trying to think what this issue would have to do with GXT. Just curious, because I have implemented my own suggest box using GXT and don't...
  6. <rant>

    This is just one example of many...

    I just wanted to simply change the background-color on a ComboBox. It took me WAY to long to figure out how to do it. In the process, I had to delve...
  7. I found the problem. There was some other code in my CellEditor postProcessValue that was causing problems.
  8. I have a SimpleComboBox<Double> in a an EditorGrid. After I edit a grid cell containing a SimpleComboBox<Double>, my GridCellRenderer.render method is not getting called. Thus, the value in the cell...
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    @rak I'd be interested in seeing the code that isn't working and hearing about the problems you are having.
  10. BUMP

    Sounds good, I'll help!
  11. Bump.

    I agree wholeheartedly. Google is blazing trails with GWT. I realize it's hard to keep up when you're chasing all the good work that Google is doing, but GXT needs to make it happen. It's...
  12. I guess we can take the lack of reply to be an acknowledgement that there are indeed problems with EditorGrid. Here's the pattern:

    if (noReply) {
  13. Sven, there are still some issues that have arisen in 2.10 with EditorGrid. You can use the Explorer demo to verify what I am seeing:

  14. Sven, this is interesting. I just took shermdog01's "Full Source" from the original post, plugged it into a new GWT project running with GXT 2.0.1, and the problem is there. I made no modifications...
  15. This is still a problem in GXT 2.0.1 (with GWT 1.7). Is there a fix coming for this? Great options suggested by previous users, but, unfortunately, neither are perfect (ie. they solve one problem but...
  16. Sven, since you suggested the solution, can you please help a few users out on this? If you could please describe the cause of this problem with more than a few-word, vague sentence, that would be...
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    Would like to know the answer to this one as well. Thanks.
  18. Sven, we can agree to disagree on this, but IMO users of GXT shouldn't even have any knowledge of the GXT implementation - i.e. how the GXT developers chose to implement the HTML for a panel. I...
  19. This appears to be my only option, although I'm not real confident that I wouldn't run into the same problem. GXT appears to use tables quite extensively. I would like to get some input from the GXT...
  20. Again, I need to be able to hide the <tr> which contains the hidden combo box. It's the table cell that's taking the space.
  21. It looks like VerticalPanel uses a HTML table and each component added to the VerticalPanel is inside a <tr>. Here's what the HTML looks like:

    <td class="x-table-layout-cell"...
  22. I have 4 ComboBox's in a VerticalPanel. The first ComboBox is visible by default; the other 3 are hidden via setVisible(false). Based on the selection in the first ComboBox, I show one of the other...
  23. Is the information I'm asking for proprietary, or is just that you don't know yet?
  24. Ok, any expectation you can set as for which release this fix will be in and when that release will happen?
  25. Sven, can you explain how this pertains to the issue reported by Deb99s? There are two issues that are being reported as degradations going from GXT 1.2.4 / GWT 1.5.3 to GXT 2.0.1 / GWT 1.7.0:

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