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  1. Still not solved...

    What is KISS?
    How can i 'FORGET THE GRID' when it is the main part of what I am trying to do?

    Everything is displaying fine, my only question is to do with the resizing of the grid when you...
  2. Still doesnt work...

    Either this does not solve my problem or I have done it wrong...

    I changed this:

    document_grid =new Ext.grid.GridPanel({

  3. add a grid in a nested layout in a tabpanel in a viewport

    Somebody please help me!
    I am new to Ext and am working my way through the 'Learning Ext JS' book which is very good just so you know!

    As the title suggests, I am trying (or so I think) to add a...
  4. Resize a grid in a nested layout in a tabpanel in a viewport!?

    Delete this thread - cant find how?!
    I re-posted in the correct section, Ext 2 Help not GWT!
  5. Replies

    Same problem here

    I am having the same problem but in Firefox only - the grid loads but no data! The data is there in IE.


    ClosedTasksDataStore = new...
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