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    Confusions regarding LiveGridView

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to GXT and trying to use LiveGridView as I need the dynamic loading (instead of paging) on one of my grid views. I am having hard time finding details of how LiveGridView...
  2. [OPEN] Any updates regarding this bug ?

    Any updates regarding this bug ?
  3. List component not scrolling with VoiceOver read

    I have a simple List component that contains many list items. When i am enabling VoiceOver on iOS and trying to read the whole screen. The list items is not scroll in to view and search reader keeps...
  4. [INFOREQ] Tree Panel is not expanding or collapsing in IE10 (window 8).


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3
    Browser versions tested against:

    IE10 (Window 8)
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    Thanks for the reply scott. The update to 3.4 is...

    Thanks for the reply scott. The update to 3.4 is not possible right now. I tried to use break points and logging to see how this method is effecting the width setting. Strangely enough, the code is...
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    Menu width problem in IE7 (only)

    I am using extJS 3.3 and having the problem with the width of the menu on IE7 strict mode (only). The width of the menu is too small to show the complete menu items.

    I try to do some experiment...
  7. TreePanel hover not highlighting whole node in horizontal scroll

    While working on Tree Panel i noticed an issue. If we create a tree panel with autoScroll set to true and expand the tree. If horizontal scroll is present, the whole tree node is not highlighted...
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    Cover is a animation type. Do the following:...

    Cover is a animation type. Do the following: showAnimation: { type: 'cover', direction: 'up'}And it should work.
  9. Illegal Access exception in Proxy read method in Android.

    I am having problem in making my application work in Android 2.3.3 ( I have tested the application in 2.3.4 and beyond its working fine). I am trying to load data in the store and proxy read method...
  10. Animation on item selection and deselection of items of data view.

    I want to perform some animation (like color and background-color transition) when user select the item of dataview or listview.

    Can anyone please tell me how will I able to do that ?
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    [CLOSED] standard form in sencha touch

    I am trying to use form panel of sencha touch and I have observed the following:

    1) form panel is not rendering as a standard html form .

    2) if "standardSubmit" is set to true, then I am...
  12. [FIXED] "Timeout waiting for window.innerHeight to" error when running the application on iOS

    When I am trying to run my application on ipad or iphone, I am getting this error:

    Error: [ERROR][Ext.viewport.Ios#undefined] Timeout waiting for window.innerHeight to change

    I have searched...
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    [CLOSED] DataView examples is not working

    I am using touch 2.0 pr2 release and I am trying to execute the examples of dataview. But, its not working. I have also tried to create an application using dataview or list but its also not working....
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    Hierarchical MVC in sencha touch

    I have a scenario where i want to implement Hierarchical MVC. For example, I have a top level controller that will be responsible for the toolbar and management of child components. Each child...
  15. Having problem adding controllers in application

    I am new to sencha touch and trying to create an application using the provided documentation and reading material. I have created a following simple application class:

  16. '' is null or not an object error in IE8 using DataView


    I am using Ext 3.3.1 and i have noticed one problem while using DataView. When i am using "overClass" config option of DataView, i have witnessed '' is null or not an object error...
  17. Problem using Ext.Message.Show in onchange event.

    Hi, I am new to Ext Js. I am facing a very frustrating problem. Let me explain:

    I have a html select tag like this :

    <html:select property="jobId" name="myForm"...
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