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  1. Hello.
    I have panel with two toolbars. How can I to implement custom class for using as overflowHandler, which will move components to second toolbar on first toolbar's overflow?
    I tried to use...
  2. 4.1.0. And yes, you can view it in your own demos. If you repair this forum functionality so I'll can post code samples, I'll show you the code.
  3. Why do you concatenate idProperty if it doesn't exists? If I have chain of extended Classes like -> -> My.model.ConcreteModel, idProperty will be applied to...
  4. Hello. How can I to implement it? How can I to catch the moment when some other Window shown on the front of my Window and change z-index or something else to make it "on top" anyway?
  5. When I add D&D functional to GridPanel or TreePanel, which are in Window, by setting viewConfig: { plugins: { ddGroup: 'GridExample', ptype:...
  6. I added example. Sorry, but I haven't format controls in forum message form, but in settings there are wysiwyg.
  7. Hello. I just downloaded ExtJS 4.1 Final. I use control method in my controller to do some actions on panel and treepanel render. This code works perfectrly in ExtJS 4.0.7, but it doesn't works in...
  8. Hello. How can I to understand when last node of tree was rendered by TreeColumn?
  9. Okay, and what is the reason to have:
    1) find.png icon in images
    2) CSS rule which uses this icon
    3) Source code which uses this css rule as iconCls
  10. See your own example, see your own source code.
  11. Main reason is you do not want to admit one's fault. There is find.png icon, there is CSS, there is code in StringFilter to use style from CSS!
  12. You can see this issue in this example:!/example/grid-filtering/grid-filter-local.html
    Try to filter "Company" column, and you will not see any icon near text...
  13. Can you give me some pseudo-code? And what you mean in phrase "Associations work but not really in widgets"?
  14. I think nested data loading in ExtJS 4 is not applicable in real life. For example, I have some models for trainings, for users, and some model which describes how trainings assigned to users, which...
  15. Hello.
    How can I to add store top controller dynamically? I don't want define Store in stores property of Controller, but I want to write some method which can add/replace new store.
    Thank you.
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    What do you not understand? You never have same problem?
    Why components are still in DOM tree when Panel closed? I see it with Firebug. All components with extJS-generated ids remove from DOM tree,...
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    I have FormPanel which contains components with user-setted ids:

    this.orderPropPanel = new Ext.FormPanel({
    title: conf.messages.common_data,
    layout: 'form',
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    Hey, can anobody help me?
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    I want to save moved and added nodes only into database (by PHP on server-side). AAnd i want do it without JSON-serialization and ajax-query when i drag and drop some nodes or add nodes by...
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