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  1. I have set up a Node.js/Express web server, and I am telling SA 3.1 to publish to the public folder in my Node instance. I copied the index.html over to the views folder.

    So when I fire up Node,...
  2. Hello,

    I am trying to set up the app generated by cmd within a new node/express instance. Express creates a public/javascripts folder, which is where I want all my Ext 5 code to be. When I run...
  3. I ended up coming up with a solution that does not use PhoneGap. The images are uploaded to the browser in Base64. I tested this on my iPhone 4s with iOS 6. It also works in Chrome on my Windows...
  4. I am having a similar issue. I have 5 images in my model in base64 format, named image1, ..., image5. So I have an itemTpl with a simple if condition:

    <table width='100%'>
  5. If you want to use a real Button, then you'll need to create a TemplateColumn, not an ActionColumn.

    Drag a TemplateColumn over, then add a tpl (template). In the tpl definition, add this:

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    More fiddling around revealed the solution.

    My ExtDirect include:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="service/api-debug.js"></script>

    needed to be:
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    Strange because I am using Chrome as well and I wasn't seeing those errors in my console. Perhaps a cached page. I will press on.
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    I emptied the touch and resources folder to shrink the zip file.
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    I have a simple login FormPanel with a "user" TextField and a "password" PasswordField. I added a Toolbar and put a "Log In" Button on it.

    However, when I view the page in a browser,...
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    I noticed that occasionally Sencha Architect will assign duplicate itemId values to various components. I noticed this specifically on Buttons. I had two Buttons called 'mybutton8' and...
  11. So I added a new Carousel to the FormPanel and set the scrollable property to horizontal and I got this error:

    TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'scroller.getElement().getSize')
  12. Confirmed. I deleted the Carousel and the errors are gone.
  13. I encountered this error while making changes to my FormPanel in my Touch application. Underneath it is another error (the real issue?):

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating...
  14. It seems to me that in order to make this work, it has to be bundled into the iOS Package Manager.

    I do know that a simple form field like:

    <input type=file name=uploadImage/>

    will trigger...
  15. My simple test app is attached.

    Thanks for your help!
  16. That example does not work either.

    The camera never triggers on any of my devices.

    All that is happening is the stock Sencha image is displaying where I want the camera image to be.
  17. I have tried the example on GitHub as well as the Sencha Docs use of Ext.device.Camera.capture() and in all cases, the app just sits there. No success, no failure. I am testing this on an IOS 6...
  18. Ok I was using a TreeStore and the List does not like TreeStores. Problem solved.
  19. Just in case, I did assign the models/views/stores to both the Application and the Controller. So I know it's not that.
  20. Hello,

    In building a Sencha Touch application, I have created a couple of Models and Stores. I dragged a List onto my Desginer but I cannot select any of the stores I have already created. The...
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    This caught my attention over the weekend. Will Sencha Architect evolve into something like this at some point?
  22. What is the preferred way to make a production build an ExtJS 4 app that uses Ext.Direct?

    When I run the sencha create jsb command, it keeps telling me it can't find variable X. X is a part of...
  23. Yes I was about to start a thread of my own on this topic. I copied the DirectApi JSON down from the server side and ran the sencha command line tool to build the jsb3 file but no dice. I think...
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    The way you are describing it, you are not using any ExtJS components. You should have a basic ExtJS application in place which is launched from your HTML file. In your ExtJS app, you would have...
  25. Yes that would be option (3).....load the store in the controller launch() function.
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