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  1. confirmed!
  2. Hi,

    I'm in trouble in dealing with two drag&drop actions.

    I've build a bordered layout.

    The 'north' area is a simple toolbar component where only some small containers (DIV tags) are...
  3. Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to create a Ext.Panel with drag&drop feature. For that, I created a Ext.Window which floats in front of my frontend. It renders without problems.

    The Ext.Window contains...
  4. Hey Sencha,

    I've build lots of charts in the last few weeks, all works fine but there is one ugly thing on IE. The result looks like this on IE9:


    But it should look like in Firefox...
  5. Hm, strange... for now in the 4.0.7 it works for me, too. But on 4.0.2a it crashes.

    So you can close this thread, it's solved in 4.0.7!

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a
    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 15.0.874.106 m
  7. Hi,

    is it possible to select only a some of the records in a store to use with a chart? I need this for some statistic data which is given from my backend database. At the moment I must set up a...
  8. Hey guys,

    I stumpled over an error which I cannot debug, because it's only a 'warning'. So I hope someone could help me.

    I created a chart with bar series and added a store to it, all rendered...
  9. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to put a default value to my combobox after getting data from my proxy via ajax and autoLoad. How can I add a prompt/default value at top (insert in index 0) of my combobox...
  10. Thank you, that was the problem I haven't seen. I fixed it, now it works! great! Thanks again! ;)
  11. Model:

    Ext.define('MyProject.model.MyData', {
    extend: '',

    fields: [
    { type:, name: 'username' },
    { type:...
  12. Okay, on the callback function I get phantom records and all of my records are existent but all attributes are undefined. The success is set to true and so Ext must be able to parse the JSON, what...
  13. You can find my solution here:
  14. I've found a solution!

    Jayrock is able to process GET requests. I stumbled about at where Atif Aziz links to a good...
  15. Hey,

    I'm loading via proxy my data from a remote service. All fine, the data returns, the store gets filled with all the records but all records are undefined, why?

    I've created a Store in my...
  16. I'm using Jayrock on a .NET backend. The problem here is, that Jayrock first gets the data from the request and I can't manually decode it. So I need a proper way to insert that, If there's no...
  17. This will only name the Parameter jsonStr and assign them the value of a pseudo-json object and url encoded, that's bad. and not what I want, because my backend only accepts full JSON objects,...
  18. Replies
    You can change the default headers and some custom headers by using: and...
  19. That doesn't work. Can I use the writer config to send data with type 'json' - just that the Proxy encodes my data in JSON?
  20. Hey,

    how can I add some extra data to my request via a store proxy? The config 'extraParams:' in the proxy's config can only pass normal http parameters with a POST or GET request to the server....
  21. Hey,

    I'm trying to use the proxy in my to request data from a remote procedure (RP). I'm doing this, because I want to use pagination in a grid panel. I tried it without pagination,...
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