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    Hey Hman101,

    I have similar interest in using Sencha touch as the framework for a card game - up until version 0.95 beta, the Solitaire example was shipped with the distribution and would be a...
  2. Any update on the solitaire code coming back to the examples in the distribution? It's still not there in 1.0.1a. I'm really interested in the card/dragging implementation. Any other means of...
  3. Hi, I'm new to the Sencha libraries and I'm looking for server push support. There were some comments in this forum regarding comet type support in the works from 2009, but I don't see any follow-up...
  4. I still have the example source for 0.93 version, but when I bring the example up on Safari served through Apache it comes up sideways? See attached screenshot. Is this a known issue. The web...
  5. It's still online (, but the source is a great reference. Will it not be distributed or shared any longer?

  6. Anyone know what the story is with the Solitaire example app being taken out of the /examples on the 0.95 release? Were there too many issues that couldn't be addressed?

    I'm bummed because to...
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