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    Yeh, I understand that, sure. As I wrote that comment I was frustrated how it is going on at the moment. I really love extjs, it helps us a lot. But some bugs are a pain at the moment. So we started...
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    I can't understand this too. Many other software companies (such like Microsoft, etc) transforming to be more public. For example, I'm from Europe and I can't attend very easy at conferences in US....
  3. Same to me. Can't get page analyzer to work with Extjs 5.
    @Sencha Team: please respond if it will be supported further or not.
  4. @dear sencha team: any news on this item?
  5. @VDP: Yes, it gets called. But it does not depend on if it is native or not. It is the way that popup blockers works. For example: some browsers check the call-stack-deep of the handler and the...
  6. Can you also try Safari on iOS please? Thanks
  7. We do open some popups via the click event of buttons. In ExtJS 4.2 it works perfect even with all popup blocker we know, because the is called by a user's click (user initiated action)....
  8. This behavior only occurs on a iPad. Clicking a disabled menu item still opens the link

    name: 'Fiddle',

    launch: function() {
  9. I was able to isolate a bug in the menu item: if the href is defined, then the link gets first opened by the href and secondly by the event inside menu item class.

  10. Thank, this works.

    But then the extjs 5 doc might be wrong?

    Ext.Ajax.timeout=120000;// 120 seconds
  11. Since I did migrate our solution to ExtJS 5 (5.0.0) the global setting for Ext.Ajax.timeout has no the ajax calls.

    This code runs in a timeout after 30 seconds:

    Ext.Ajax.timeout = 180000;...
  12. Using a textarea field in ExtJS 4.2 works fine. The height is set by the flex parameter during layout.
    The same dialog in ExtJS 5 works different. Do we miss something or is this a bug?

  13. Tried, no success. The grid still does not reflect store's state.


    With following code I've found a way...
  14. In my MVC application I'm trying to remove an existing sort order on the grid/store (set it to no sort).

    Clearing the sorters on store works for data, but it does not remove the sort arrow...
  15. Hi.

    Does BindMgr also work with ExtJS 4.x or does a similar helper exists?
    We found a site using some sort of binding (see...
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    Here is my vote for ExtJS TypeScript definition files!
    I can't understand why sencha is not interested in providing TypeScript definition files. It is just a definition file. They have nothing to...
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