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    Thank you for the timely update. A helper feature such as this will save time and promote accuracy when building interfaces with existing systems.
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    There are number of people who would like to see a model import feature into Architect. Or at least a way that the fields could be added manually without requiring the move between keyboard and...
  3. My experience is that getTotalCount may be better titled getInitialLoadCount as it seems to retain the count when the store was first loaded. And getCount may be referred to as getFilteredCount as...
  4. Chris, thanks so much for your quick response.
    The RC1 code is calling createexception in all cases whether the server response is successful or not. I will evaluate the SVN code.
  5. If the component you were referring to is the, then yes. It has listeners for both create and createexception.
  6. I don't understand. So, I'd have to then say No. :-|

    In the code I have a javascript object named page that contains the Store in a property named locStore. This Store has listeners for the...
  7. I appreciate your quick reply to my initial posting.

    From Firebug I see that the server responds with the data as in my previous posts and a 200 OK. Perhaps there is more that I must do to let...
  8. I have tried both the simple:

    { success:true }
    or, where I am also returning the newly inserted record from the server database:

    { success:true, rows:...
  9. I could not find this discussed in the forum. If so, let me know.
    I have an with proxy defined as:


    api: {
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