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  1. you could also use a database abstraction layer such that your backend isn't necessarily specific to a particular db so it could be changed later with minimal effort.
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    There's an example in my signature and there's a grid FAQ in my signature also that has debugging tips.
  3. If I were you I would study this one:
  4. The grids in the examples still work, so...
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    What happens if you visit the demos on (rule out if it is something you are doing)
  6. Read up again or more about using "this". Step through with firebug and see what "this" is when you step through that code. I'm guessing in your case "this" is the window object.
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    Generally speaking, I think it's challenging to introduce improvements/features and assure backward compatibility.

    I think some sort of testing suite might help. If there's known test parameters...
  8. Check out the "ref" config property. Also look at store manager and component manager.

    Does beg the question why the paging toolbar can't just default to using the parent container's store by...
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  11. FWIW:
  12. Fix applied to svn in rev #5627 for release 3.1.
  13. If the example works, stands to reason the source is still there. I see it at:

  14. One could make similar statements about using the same store in multiple grids (perhaps each grid is just a different view of the same data set). AFAIK each grid must have a unique store.
  15. You need to write it. Shouldn't be too difficult since you could just loop through the items and disable them all. Enable the one you want.
  16. Why don't you just create a new column model?
  17. The "+" is what is used in svn. Since svn is in a dynamic state it is not a preserved tagged version so having a fixed version number would not be appropriate (if it were fixed in svn the version...
  18. Moving this to bugs in an attempt to see if we can get this analyzed. If you're using some code and it's working for you (perhaps you have posted it already) suggest you post it so development team...
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    How about detecting using instanceOf?
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    I just updated without issue. I haven't updated OS though. I did see the new Apple vs. Windows commercial last night.
  21. The modified xml form example below went to dude.php when I tested it. On a side point, the validation errors do not show, but I posted a separate ticket for that problem already.

    * Ext...
  22. Not sure what your point is, the code in svn looks something like below:

    submit : function(options){
    var v = this.isValid();
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    FYI Some old threads on this:
  24. This was fixed in rev 4924 for 3.x branch (released with 3.0.1)
  25. In ticket 98 Nige last indicated this should be applied to Observable instead of Container.
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