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  1. How to make custom sorting in grid? How to set my own terms for sorting? For example I have such records:

    1, 2, 10, 101, 01p, 02p, 10p

    By default these are sorted as 01p, 02p, 10, 101, 10p, 2...
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I'll try
  4. Thanks! It helps me. But I've used if(response.success == 'true'),
    if(response.success) not works
  5. I can't understand how to do it in PHP code :(
    I've done so:

    url: "add.php",
    params: {...
  6. I want to check the input data for existence on the server. The data must be sent to server and then I must get the answer true/false. For example if data already exists and because not saved -...
  7. I have an editable table. I've made functions like loading data, cell editing, adding rows in different PHP scripts and it works. But now I'm trying to make it in one file. I've done so:

    $task =...
  8. Thanks! It is what I need.
  9. How to select a cell?
    I try so:

    But nothing works :(
    I use selection model 'cellmodel'
  10. How to add new row in grid and set value in this row in the first column?
    To add new row I use this code:

    store.insert(0, new Model());
    How to select this new row (not manually) and set value?
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