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  1. I have a collapsible content panel that is shown inside a cell of a grid row. When the content panel is expanded the row's height is not automatically adjusted. How do I implement this? I've tried...
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    Does anyone got this workign without using remote filtering?
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    Thanks! Just what I needed!
  4. OK I can see how this sounds straightforward if you have static data but unfortunately that's not the case. Both tree panels can be edited (new, delete, move, ...) and changes should be visible in...
  5. Is there a way I can tell the treestore to share the same data? I can let them share the same dataloader but how do I let them share the same fetched data?
  6. Hi,

    I'm trying to create 2 different treepanels that share the same treestore. One treepanel should only show models with a certain property while the other treepanel should display them all.
  7. When trying out the example treepanel dnd from the examples, I changed the Operation to COPY instead of MOVE. This triggers a bug where empty records/nodes are showed in the treepanel when a node is...
  8. When implementing some of the example code (dnd treepanel) from the sencha website, I set the drag and drop operation to COPY. When a node is copied twice an empty record is added. This messes up the...
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