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  1. I can't seem to get a column model to work for my property grids and this whole custom editor built into the grid itself seems to break convention with the rest of EXT.

    var smProperties = new...
  2. Use ext-all-debug.js and also, when you get a "is not a constructor" error, it is when you are using a wrong xtype usually. Do that. sp is undefined is a little vague, but usually when you try to...
  3. I can't with the data in it because of who my customer is, but maybe sometime soon I can throw something together to show the community. Still a prototype but would love to show it off once the UI is...
  4. I have a left-hand panel that has been giving me problems. I figured out how to turn off the collapsed floating expansions animation as it inherits the animFloat configuration, but now I am finding...
  5. So this is a viewport thing... Ok, makes sense. Thanks again Condor. Been looking all over for this.
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    Oh, ok, thanks Condor. That hasn't been explained anywhere obvious and it was driving me crazy.
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    A sprite sheet? It wouldn't matter you make the sheet and reference them using the class, or if you just have multiple icons it works the same way. Just switch to iconCls instead of icon
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    Did a search on this but haven't found anyone else point this out, but in a viewport if you collapse a panel and its animCollapse is set to false it still animates when you click the left over bar....
  9. Thanks! This might fit exactly what I need. Excellent job!
  10. I am the junior developer at the company I work for and a few months ago I talked the older gents into giving ExtJs a chance. Not only that, but get them to give the whole J2EE thing a chance....
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    This is what I do. I use iconCls instead of define the icon directly. Set a class for the icon, make it
    background-image: url(your icon url) !important;Now give your item an id so it would look...
  12. Excel works because it actually interprets tables, but they need to be non css styled with attributes in the tag. Chrome adds it using its Gears add-on, but it is still a plug-in. If there was a...
  13. You were looking at the javascript download page. If you are looking to build something I am assuming you need to get the GWT version here. But you are going to get a .jar file fyi.

    Be sure you...
  14. What mike said. I usually organize my files by component. If I have a navigation panel I have a js file called "navigation" and make its namespace "ApplicationName.Comps.Navigation". The viewport is...
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    You can always make 2 stores... if I understand you correctly. I simply call for the JSON strings using a different parameter.

    url: 'localhost:8080/App/ServletName?Q=first'

  16. Don't take me as an official on this subject or anything, but dragging and dropping from another application requires some sort of hook to the actual operating system i.e. some application running on...
  17. Thanks Animal this is exactly what I need!

    Works like charm!
  18. Great plug-in works as you would hope it would. Fast too.
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    This is exactly what I need for my project, but I can't get toolbars to work within the panels. I am assuming they are not supported or is this a bug?

    new Ext.ux.grid.RowPanelExpander({
  20. You actually have several options, but mostly you want to put your data in a javascript object to be processed correctly. Your options are to do it in the controller, in the JSP, or process it using...
  21. Very awesome component, started using it for the webapp I have been working on, works like a charm. Always liked TinyMCE using PHP by itself, nice to see it integrated into Ext so I can mess with it...
  22. No problem. Thanks for the tip! I might be waiting on this one since it doesn't effect how the application runs and we intend to upgrade as soon as possible anyways.
  23. Someone else ran into this issue. Apparently fixed by the team in March.

    So this is a bug in Ext. It still functions but throws errors because...
  24. There was a collision in SVN and Ext-all.js got reintroduced just before the ext-all-debug.js file.

    Digging into this again without the ext-all.js being included. I knew this problem was going to...
  25. Oh wow, didn't see that button on firebug until just now, I was doing it the hard way. But yes, it just breaks on ext-all.js on line 11 of swfobject() with "this.view is null". That is all.
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