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    Hello all,

    where can I find the ST 2.1.0 GA release notes?
  2. Found it. It requires a

    http_fonts_path = File.join("..", "fonts")
    in config.rb.

    However there's a warning regarding the MIME type
    Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME...
  3. I'm trying to include a number of custom fonts like this

    @include font-face("PFCSansPro-Med", font-files("PFCentroSansProMedium.otf"));

    but the generated css url path

  4. I have a problem while testing a list implementation in Android 4 st2.1-rc2. Checking with weinre I see that the DOM nodes for the list items arent't there,. What's buffling me is that the same list...
  5. Hello,

    I managed to resolve the issue. It involved Ext.device.Device to check the platform. So using the app (no packaging involved) in an iPad was failing, whereas using it for dev in MacOS...
  6. I'm in ST2.1 RC2.

    I try my app in IOS6 Safari and everything works ok.

    I add the app to the Home Screen and then launch it from there. The application gets stuck in the launch screen and using...
  7. Hello,

    Using ST 2.1.0-rc1 and Cmd-3.0.0-190.

    As soon as I upgraded my app, I started receiving these messages, during development:

    [INFO] [Ext.ClassManager] Overriding existing alias:...
  8. Haven't had a need for grouping yet, but browsing the List's source I see that it involves 3 functions. I wouldn't know how easy it would be to incorporate this functionality in a custom DataView...
  9. I know the OP title says *not DataView* but since List inherits from DataView, it's quite easy to use a DataView and work similarly to the DataView Component section of...
  10. +1 for the feature request.

    update: it's supported after all.
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    I need to send several POST requests so that my app fires each request only when the response of the previous request has been received.

    In Ext 4.1.1 there is an async property for...
  12. "i
    t will make the previous item active which is then firing the activeitemchange"

    does this apply when the last carousel item gets deleted?
  13. I can confirm that hbox is killing performance for us as well. iPad(3) isn't that affect but in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (andoid 3.2) performance is taking a nose dive, to the point that the app is...
  14. How can I prevent the activeitemchange event from firing when I destroy a carousel component?
  15. It's crude I know but since Ext.Ajax is a singleton, setting

    in the onLaunch method, does the trick application-wide.

    Question: So, when we are dealing...
  16. So far it has been working beautifully in Android 3.2.

    However, this problem manifests itself on Android 2.3.5, on HTC Desire HD,

    UA string : Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.5; en-gb;...
  17. I can't make Mitchell's example work. It isn't a problem with Chrome 20 or the latest Safari (tested on Mac OS), but it's a show-stopper with the default android browser, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, P7500...
  18. The browser parses the html/css source for the above screenshot as HTML 4.01. When I inserted the DOCTYPE tag in the html source (thus turning it in HTML5 document), I got a page which doesn't honor...
  19. The view is like this:

    ....Top docked Panel

    Each Carsousel item is a Component with a tpl property, which is an XTemplate.

    A, say, 20% height exhibits the same...
  20. I would be interested in this one as well, Say, I have my own custom picker, extended from Ext.Picker. How can I link the selectfield with my custom picker?

    And another question: in my custom...
  21. I have this piece of html code which basically is a 3 column layout with each column containing 2 divs. I want these inner divs (6 in total, 2 in each column) to always have a fixed height of 40%,...
  22. I have the following model and store:


    Ext.define('', { extend : '',

    config : {
    model : 'Reader.model.ArticleInfo',
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    Git came through (again), we have a test case for you. It's a bit patched up but the crucial points where the carousel fails are there. How can we send it?
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    We'll make a test case. It could take a few days, it's Easter in Greece.
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    The concerns the Ext.Carousel component in ST 2.0.1RC

    Tested in Chrome 19.0.1084.15 beta. Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

    I have implemented a carousel in which I need to be able to drop in and...
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