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  1. We are using model , store , view and controller. When open from edit mode the data is not reflect in the page. We are using iOS Web UI controller to display the Sencha UI.

  2. We are using Date Picker in dyanamic that is at the run we are able to add or delete Date picker when click on the Add button.
  3. Thanks for your reply,

    even though the same problem occur , the default date is displayed in the datepicker(1970).
  4. Default date 1970 is displayed in date picker , how to avoid to display the default date.
  5. Problem is now resolved , we changing the switching over from session to memory storage.
  6. could you please share the examples for template and data.
  7. Value are not refreshing in the Sencha 2.1 control. We are creating employee details page once created we showin list page, from list page clikc on the seleted employe it will show the employee...
  8. Web service calling is not working iOS simulator using Sencha Touch 2.1
  9. Expand and Collapse not working in Sencha Touch 2.1 where as it is working in Sencha Touch 2.0. Please clarify us is there any limitation on 2.1
  10. Is it possible drag and drop in list component. We need Drag one item from the parent list to child list in which if we dragged particular item , the same item removed in the parent list and added in...
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    Is it similar Datepicker control. Instead of Datepicker , We need to show small popup window in which we need show monthly calendar from that select any one date that will set in the date input...
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    Is it possible customise montly calender supported in Sencha Touch. We need pop up like monthly calender.
  13. how to implement iSpell check in textareafield
  14. how to implement iSpell check in textareafield
  15. hi,
    We are using Sencha Touch 2.0 and iOS , In the offline mode we are not able to set the value in the HTML form element. Please refer the below code in which the number 04 need to set in the...
  16. How to set the slider bar color based on the Slider bar scroll. Please refer the attached screens shot.
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