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  1. Thanks a lot. I look forward to that!
  2. The patch allows HtmlEditor to work without exceptions, but the editor doesn't actually get disabled.
    One can type in there.
  3. setEnabled() has to be invoked before the first show and it must be compiled. Dev version works fine.
  4. Unfortunately, no...
    That's a complicated logic of checking progress by making remote calls. So it's very time consuming to derive a simple test case from it.
    Another desirable feature is to have...
  5. Hi, guys.

    I found that ProgressBar doesn't update first time it's used. It doesn't repaint upon updateText(), which is the strongest repaint measure I found in the ProgressBar.
    Further usages are...
  6. I have to take it back. HtmlEditor.setEnabled() doesn't seem to work in show() override either.
  7. Yeah. I nailed it.
    Dialog contains HtmlEditor, which performed setEnabled(false) on. The call fails in compiled version, while works fine in dev.

    Clearly a bug. Workaround is simple though: call...
  8. Better formatted:

    Uncaught Exception caught: (TypeError)
    stack: TypeError: Cannot set property 'disabled' of null
    at Object.onDisable_5 [as...
  9. Maybe that's what I should do it. I'm just hoping to do it sooner. Here's an exception I see in Chrome Console:

    Uncaught Exception caught:...
  10. I narrowed down the problem. Page content disappears because I create a dialog during construction of the panel. I moved dialog creation to lazy initialization. I see the contents, but dialog doesn't...
  11. No exceptions whatsoever.

    I found that if I remove most of the components from my application it starts showing the remains.
    So it has nothing to do with compilation process.

    Trying to nail...
  12. Hi, guys.

    I have a pretty simple application done using GXT 3.0.1.
    It works fine while in Development Mode, but compiled version goes blank after initial loading screen.

    Might be relevant to...
  13. For instance this is how index is handled in the LiveGridEvent:

    public M getModel() {
    if (getRowIndex() != -1) {
    model = getGrid().getStore().getAt(getRowIndex() + viewIndex -...
  14. One of the suspects is here. Since it goes by model (M sel) rather than by index (e.getRowIndex()) it receives wrong index that corresponds to an actually selected row counted from the top of the...

    It's GridSelectionModel (not CellSelectionModel). It's harder to fix than CellSelectionModel.
  16. If you can think of any workaround I would be glad to implement it in our application.
  17. 1. Load a store for LiveGridView. Let's say total is 1000 and we only keep 100.
    2. Scroll down to force loading another 100 of the entire 1000 set.
    3. Select an item by clicking mouse button.
  18. Please note, that we can't remove from the store as it acts as cache for currently visible rows.
    Instead, we use the model data object to remove it from original data source and reload.
  19. Hi, guys.

    We're using LiveGridView with a capability to remove rows upon click of a button.
    Unfortunately, grid.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItems(); returns wrong model data objects.
    Is there...
  20. Synchronized LiveGridView would be easy to fix.
    All I have to do is to ignore timer task altogether and just call doLoad in the same thread with an in-progress indicator thread.
  21. I can create a LiveGridView copy in my project if workaround requires so, but at this moment I'm not sure how to fix it myself without breaking other LiveGridView features. So I need your assistance.
  22. This example is created to illustrate the problem and to show you that LiveGridView is prone to infinite loop problem. In real application settings are different. Namely, cache size is set to 60...
  23. You don't have to look far for a test case with infinite loop. Look at my older post:

  24. Hi, guys.

    Every version of your library has an infinite loop in LiveGridView!!!
    I was told before to switch to the latest (at that point 2.2.4 or 2.2.5 version to get rid of it).
    I did that...
  25. In my use case the reason for using LiveGridView is UI rendering performance. This means I can keep all data on the client. In this case EditorGrid with LiveGridView is working fine.

    You have to...
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