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  1. NatedSaint,

    I'll let Mike answer your specific question - but I thought I would chime in with some things I've learned since I last posted in this thread.

    Overall - SilkJS is too new to have...
  2. Hey mschwartz,

    I have used ExtJS a lot for complex desktop (RIA) type apps. These projects have been Rails on the server side. I see a LOT of code duplication to define models etc. on each side.
  3. Found it!
  4. Hello everyone,

    I remember seeing an example of an ExtJS webtop application, where the developer had added a 'Desktop Switcher' in the upper right of the screen. It simply carousel'd from one...
  5. I have a Ext.ux.IFrame component that contains a web page from the same domain. (So - no cross site security issues.)

    From the 'host' (code that creates the Ext.ux.IFrame) how do I capture a...
  6. I ended up taking a different approach.

    Instead of editing the CSS in the iFrame, I made sure the CSS was already there, but added the class name to the appropriate element.

    Inside the...
  7. Hey Dmitriy,

    I am trying to do pretty much the exact same thing.

    Did you ever figure out how to achieve this?


  8. I have played with the Ext.util.CSS methods, but I think what I am trying to do is impossible.

    I am loading a web page into a Ext.ux.IFrame, (Same host - so there are no cross site issues) and I...
  9. OK. I don't know the root cause, but the resolution points to a bug in the all-classes.js ExtJS file.

    Head over to the JSFiddle example referenced above.
    Note the all-classes.js file soured in...
  10. Everyone,

    OK. I have narrowed it down further, to the point that I can reproduce the issue we are having in JSFiddle.

    Hopefully, this will make it very easy for someone to help me figure out...
  11. OK. So, I made things even MORE simple, and I still have issues. However, I think the issue is related to the Rails Asset Pipeline. I don't see how - but that is the only thing I can picture being an...
  12. OK. Here is a good test - which may help.

    The 'change' and 'render' events are correctly captured by the controller selectors for a textfield, but the 'select' and 'render' events are NOT captured...
  13. Evan,

    Any idea why it works perfectly with other components, but not a ComboBox?

    I have even added a button above the ComboBox, and events fired by it are captured just fine in the controller....
  14. Scott,

    Correct. In your code, the comboSelect function is not executed.

    I believe the select event is fired, but the selectors and component query are not working to find it.

    Because, if I...
  15. Scott,

    Thanks for helping.

    Yes - but when I place a console.log there for debugging, it never is executed. That tells me it is the selector parameters that are not being matched correctly for...
  16. Hello everyone,

    I am pulling my hair out. Hoping someone can stop me.

    I have the following 2 components in a field set in a view file on a form.

    Ext.define('App.view.prospects.Filter', {
  17. I have a form with 2 date fields.

    Inside the select event of each, I want to check to see if it is 'greater' (after) than the other. How do I do that?

    It should be EASY - but this is a classic...
  18. Hey Zoluro,

    Could you please provide a sample of the JSON returned by 'check-nodes.json'?


  19. For what it is worth ... I have the EXACT same issue.

    Hopefully someone will chime in with a fix?
  20. Hello,

    This issue started when we upgraded from ExtJS 4.0.7a to 4.1.0-RC3.

    I have a border layout and in the East Region I have a number of components.

    The East Region starts collapsed. When...
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    I have a window that contains a Grid and a form panel for fields to apply as a filter to the Grid. Let's call that the 'Filter'.

    In the tool bar of the Grid, there is a datefield to...
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    Hey - Thanks!

    Also - what version are you working with now? I've had poor luck with 4.0.7.
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    Yep - I realized it was about the 4.0.0b3 version given the date stamps on the posts. Ironic thing is, there are many other posts with almost the exact same issues, for 4.1.0b3.

    Would you happen...
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    Hello Westy,

    Wow. Reading through these and other posts doesn't instil confidence in ExtJS. It is almost a year later since these posts were written, and I am running into similar issues with...
  25. @NeoJS,

    I found this thread because I had the Ext.scopeResetCSS working fine in 4.0.2a, but it 'busted' again when I changed to 4.0.7. I still haven't resolved that - but your comment below...
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