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  1. Mystix' fix works great. I wonder how something as serious as this can sneak it's way into svn though. It basically made everything related to Direct / DirectStore etc stop working.

    Don't they run...
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    Fantastic extension! Any plans to make this compatible with Extjs 3.0?
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    Is it possible to make this work in an EditorGrid? It seems to work right now, but the color-value is not persisted back into the grid..
  4. I have created a merb-router myself, which does not use Parts at all. It exposes all the public controllers and actions automatically (has a helper for generating the direct-api javascript), and maps...
  5. What is the reason for needing to return only the records themselves (at root-level) in DirectStore (probably all writer-capable stores in general)?

    When I update a record in my store, Direct...
  6. from docs: "0,000.00 - (123,456.78) show comma and digits, 2 precision"

    With negative numbers, this will show the comma even at wrong length.. Like: -,935.00
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    Contact these guys and see if they can do it. I'm sure lots of people (me included) would be willing to pay for videos from the sessions. And Confreaks are very good at what they do!
  8. That works for mye when the grid is initially rendered. But after resizing any other column, the grid does not resize itself to fill the container (and the autoexpand-column is not resized at all).
  9. So there is no way to have a auto-expanding column in a grid that is automatically fitted to its container? In that case; I think it is a little unintuitive?
  10. bump(?)
  11. Hi. I have a grid that is automatically sized by its container (with 'fit' layout). I have set up a column with an id, and set that as autoExpandColumn of the grid. If I however include viewConfig: {...
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