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  1. calling focus in boxready did the trick
  2. focus() did not highlight the button
    I have created a fiddle to show the issue.
  3. Extjs 4.2.1
    Theme: Neptune
    I have a toolbar with a number of buttons.
    I want to highlight a button when the app starts based on #button1.
    How can I simulate a mouse click so that the focus style...
  4. Ext 4.1
    I have an Ext.grid.Panel and I want to upload an image for each row of the grid.
    Is it possible to add a file upload field like Ext.form.field.File to a column in each row?
    If not, is...
  5. This thread describes what I need to do, but in Sencha Architect.

    HOWTO - reformat data sent from server at the Store

    I need to do the same...
  6. Hi
    ExtJS 3.4.0
    I need to convert data to a different format and I'm attempting to do this by overriding the readRecords() method.
    So far this code gives an error after the 'readRecords:' console...
  7. Replies
    How can 2 or more stores be combined into one dataview?
  8. ST2 .0
    Android 4.0.3 / Nexus S.
    No phonegap - using "sencha app build native" to deploy to device
    ST2 Examples app: TouchStyle.

    The app runs OK in the mobile web browser,
    but the native...
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