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  1. Bump, please? Anyone?
  2. Hello, all. I've been having this problem with my grids "autoscrolling" for some of my users and unable to discern what is going on.

    Recently I ran across these:
  3. wait for it to render...
  4. Some of us have systems with normal,locking,buffering,grouping,locking+buffering,buffering+grouping columns/views and perhaps a few extensions on each of those. Overriding all my code took forever,...
  5. Last post: Chrome 20 is out, this is still unfixed. :)
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    The only way I know to get some grease is to squeak. Stop assuming I have some personal issue or vendetta. I just want my PRODUCTION code to work. I do get paid based on my ability to keep...
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    If you need to support Chrome it's best to go ahead and dump ExtJS as they are no longer supporting Chrome (see...
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    1. I included the bug report and developers discussing it on your own forums in my original post. Those light blue words are "links" to other "pages" on the "net". Either fix it immediately right...
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    If you need to support Chrome it's best to go ahead and dump ExtJS as they are no longer supporting Chrome (see...
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    Cross-Browser Fidelity

    With Sencha SDKs, you’ll get the same pixel perfect interface – whether your customer is on IE6 or Chrome 10. We painstakingly craft backward compatible solutions for all...
  11. Sencha is dead. WTG guys. Can I get a refund?
  12. Is window null?
  13. on a.html you put a function with window scope (undefined scope: global abatement makes its scope "window"), and then you ask for window.opener. eg:


  14. Your fieldset probably needs to be inside a form...Just my $.02

    Your button and/or fieldset need heights.
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    OK, see
  16. sm: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({
    singleSelect: true, listeners: { rowselect: function(sm, index, record){ Ext.Msg.alert('You...
  17. You don't need Ext.onReady to preceede your class definition. Just declare it.

    You don't have to use 'this'. You can just say

    var x = new CFG.Whatever({...});;

    should be

    this.myCfgPanel = new CFG.cfgPanel();;

    or equiv.
  19. You mean when you select 'd' from the combobox, and then call getValue it returns 1?
  20. Prove it.

    Show me your ns statement. Should be

    Show me the line of code that defined the formpanel, should be like
    CFG.cfgFormPanel = Ext.extend(...
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    You're going to have to gnaw your arms off to find a debugger for IE and step into the code when it breaks to see the line of code that's breaking. Then report back what you find if you still need...
  22. You're probably seeing the GMT offset being applied to your dates, subtracting a few hours based on where you live. I think you might get around it by converting the date values to UTC, just a...
  23. {
    xtype: 'form',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'checkbox',
    ref: 'myCheckbox'
    listeners: {
    check: function (checkbox, isChecked) {
  24. How to read the api docs?
  25. Uhm,

    1. Set up the store with a
    2. When the grid updates, the backend (that does the update) needs to respond with results (the modified row(s)) AND a success indicator,...
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