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    To expand point 5, I'd really like a better intro screen.

    Why do I have to click once on the splash image each time? A single screen with recent projects, this would also have the controls for...
  2. It would be great if it could all be "compiled" into a single JavaScript file that I then call on page load.

    I've been trying something like it by using base64 encoding of the images into the...
  3. I'm currently using iframes to embed animations into pages.

    This means that all of the assets have to be uploaded into the same directory on the server, not something that is great for heavily...
  4. Should a mod move this thread to the Sencha Touch forum?
  5. Yeah, it does help slightly.

    I've just worked out that you still have to Preview in Browser, even after saving a change, before the page at the URL is updated. I quickly end up with a lot of tabs...
  6. The File > Preview in browser command will open in Firefox, if that is set to the default browser on the computer.

    The animations obviously don't work in Firefox. Could this command check if the...
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