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  1. I have the same problem. I have a button docked to my panel that handles list paging. When the user performed a search I hide the button. The button becomes invisible but still takes up space at...
  2. Hi there,

    I have a store that implements paging to load data into the store in smaller chunks. My problem is that I need to modify some data right before it is loaded into the store. I am able to...
  3. Instead of setting the panel's contentEl property to "jp_container_1", I just added my "Audio Buttons" div into the panel using the standard panel insert method:

  4. Hi there,

    I'm currently using "contentEl" to add an existing div (a jplayer div) to my panel. The problem is that I do not want it to be appended to the very end of my panel html, but would like...
  5. Hi there,

    I'm currently using "contentEl" to add an existing div (a jplayer div) to my panel. The problem is that I do not want it to be appended to the very end of my panel html, but would like...
  6. Thanks Adam, will do:)
  7. Any ideas?
  8. Hi there,

    I'm quite unfamiliar with licensing schemes such as MIT, GPLv3, and modified BSD and am in the process of releasing my first apps to the Android/iTunes stores.

    I've written a "free"...
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    Hi there,

    I'm showing a message box when the user selects an item on a list to confirm an action. Everything works fine until I select the same list item again right after the message box was...
  10. epiphanydigital,

    For a while I had the same error pop up on the console. My problem turned out to be that the remote server blocked my request.

    What does your server side code look like? Do...
  11. [SOLVED]

    Man, after adding a bunch of debug code to the file and recompiling the ST libraries I found that I had inadvertently made a typo and included the wrong version of...
  12. Oops, forgot to attach the screen shot of the console output:) Here is a link to the image...
  13. Matt,

    Thanks for the reply. Your suggestions were valuable.


    Yes, but I do not make much sense of them yet. I've attached a screenshot of the console output in Chrome in case you have...
  14. Hi all,

    Please help:((

    I had a standard ajax proxy connected to a store to read data from a local server, but now have to change it to read the data from a server on a different domain.

  15. Hi there,

    I've been working with Sencha Touch since 0.94 and always have my apps running in full screen mode with a home icon on my Apple devices. However, since I've updated to the 1.x versions,...
  16. Edited this question after some consideration. New question above.
  17. I should not have posted such a silly question on this forum. My apologies)

    $limit = $_REQUEST["limit"];
    $start = $_REQUEST["start"]
  18. [SOLVED]

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to implement the paging function with my store, so that only 10 items are displayed in my list at any given time.

    As I understand it, the store.loadPage()...
  19. Hi there,

    My question is about the difference between the store paging feature and the list paging plugin. I am currently using store paging and it works great, but obviously only a limited...
  20. Thanks, your code works perfect. Appreciate the reply.

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    Thanks for your post. I know there are ways around this problem, but it still remains a bug. It's not good practice to fudge bugs in the code. Always comes back to bite you at some...
  22. Anyone got any ideas? I'm sure some of you have big lists on which you want to scroll to the bottom at the push of a button:)
  23. The original issue has been posted by bluecamel:

    Lists that contain many items...
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    I have the same problem. I've raised this issue weeks ago under the discussion thread:
  25. Nope, I've tested on iPod Touch 3rd gen running iOS4.1
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