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  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I have a template(xtmeplate or dataview or html) so in particular section of that template i wanna add chart inside.
    how to call chart inside that ? also i have to update chart...
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    Hi mitchell,

    thanks for input. root1[0].root2 is not working for me or working partially for me. means when i see loaded store data in logs.
    in "raw" data it is showing root2 data and in "Data" ...
  3. Hi mitchellsimoens !

    Thank you so much for your quick reply and solution. i took your new feature and working wonderful.
    one quick question without having this how to handle " header tap event...
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    Thanks for Reply.. !! but i have tried with rootProperty in reader but only outer root data is reading not inner root like in my example its reading "root1" but only creating "root2Store" when i...
  5. Hello ,

    Is Touch 2 grid panel support selection model (check box selection model) ??.. if not how can i add "select all " Check box in header of column? how to get that click event on Header ......
  6. How to add Check box model in sencha touch 2 grid ?? or how can i add select all check box in sencha touch 2 grid ..? please help
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    Hi ..
    i have json like

    root1:[ {
  8. I have added screen shot for more description ..can u suggest me more suitable graph for that JSON
    below is json i need to plot date vs numeric.. date should be grouped like above graph
  9. Hi
    I have bar chart. so i wanna divide bar of bar chart into different section according store data.
    means i have months on y axis and numeric data on x axis. i wanna show bar chart for...
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    thanks mitchell ..
    yeah something like that ..specifically .. suppose ..first i will be having column chart with year wise data... if i click on particular column it will show month wise data then...
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    I have scenario like i have a column chart if i click on any column it will show another column chart at same place by hiding first and again if i click on any column of second level it will...
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    Hello !!

    I am getting same error. i wanted to use charts and normal sencha touch. so when i try to ingrate both code i am getting above error. as per above solution i am pointing to...
  13. Thanks mitchellsimoens..!! i have another query .. i am able to retrieve data now and also i am getting axis for the same. but not bars... following ar changes.. so what can i do in bar code...

  14. Hi
    I stucked with simple change in existing Bar chart example ( from sencha touch chart beta 2.0 release ). i want to load json data instead of generate function in example also i want to do it by...
  15. Hi,

    I am using xtype as numberfield. According to docs its default value is null. But when I try Ext.getCmp('phn').getValue() it gives me 0 instead of null. Hence validation of presence for it...
  16. Hi Mitchell,
    I have edited the code please help me out.
  17. Hi,

    I am working on a MVC pattern. I have developed a screen having 4 panels in it. At a time only 1 panel is been set active with each panel having a back and next button. When my active panel is...
  18. hi everyone,
    I am implementing one page contain 3 tabs.on each tab i am calling different views (on click of each tab by dispatch) via controller's method . here i am creating different store in...
  19. Hi,

    I am trying to create 4 forms with each form having a previous and a back button.
    When I click on NEXT button in first form it should load a second form but when I click on PREV button in...
  20. Hi mitchellsimoens,
    thanks for quick reply .I didn't get your question exactly( new bee to sencha). but i have not defined any data property inside store. so is it required?
    like below
  21. Hello ,
    i am trying to display data in list format by List view (Ext.list). i am able to see in console. but not able to display in following template format as list and all data is...
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    I am trying to display two pickers neighbouring each other.
    But those two pickers are displayed as attached to each other.
    Can anyone help to find how this can be resolved with a space between...
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