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  1. Hi,

    first, thank you for your fast reply.

    Okay, if this is the way how things are used then I'll use it furthermore.

    And thank you for your advise with the code.
    But don't worry, it was...
  2. Hi there.

    I have a question:
    Is there any other way than to show/hide Views from Content than to use .show()/.hide()?
    Like to load it more dynamically?
    I didn't found one.
    All search results...
  3. Hi,

    even though I have to admit that I'm still tryin' to get mankz or mitchellsimoens solution to work in my application it seems that those solutions could do, what I want them to do.

  4. Hello folks,

    I'm really new to ExtJS and run right into a problem:

    I would like to destroy or switch a Controller after pushing a button.
    This should be made without a page refresh - just a...
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