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  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to use Ext drag&drop classes in my web app.
    I've read the custom/advanced drag & drop tutorials and have based my code similarly to them.

    My problem is, I want to use the...
  2. Having used the previous version of yui-ext, it has really given me the confidence that Ext 1.0 for $299 is a great deal :)

    Congratulations on going commercial with it!

    And having no per server...
  3. WOW...
    I can't wait to get my hands on the new grid code!
  4. That's perfect! :)
  5. Great news!
    One suggestion: it would be nice if the values for all of the fields can be accessed inside the Renderer methods. So instead of
    Render(value, domobject)
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    I was just about to request the same thing .. trees with data columns.

    Otherwise it would be nice if grids have a "group by" functionality - but that's a different subject.

    I wonder how much...
  7. Thanks for the responses :)

    Yes, I'm starting to agree with Jack on the doctypes ... the main reason being that IE behaves worse in strict mode. With these kinds of bugs it's actually harder to...
  8. Thanks for the response, but before I added scroll='no' it was even worse.

    Check it out:
    Double scrollbars!...
  9. I'm beginning to convert my layouts with grids in them to use BorderLayout, but I've run into some scrolling issues with DOCTYPE Strict.

    Take a look:

    DOCTYPE Strict:...
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    Hmm.. the most efficient is probably caching the sortType? check like your last one, but maybe adding it to the data like I did so there is no need for the data assigning loop (if that's possible ......
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    Hmm... here's my version of this. I'm wondering which would be more efficient, or if mine is bad practice. It's just what came to my mind first. The changes from the original code are under the //...
  12. Good question. I just tried it and without additional modifications, the columns on the right would just hang there as you can see here:...
  13. I've run into the same performance issue that this thread refers to:
    (When there are lots of columns, it takes very long to resize them.)

    And it...
  14. Tried it in the examples - didn't happen. So it's definitely not a bug.
    Probably just something in my code. No problem since my workaround works fine.
  15. I've just tried using autoHeight and it's very cool. Something I wished for since I first started using the grid (which was just the 0.33 RC1 release actually).

    From your blog post you say:

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    Hi there.

    Yes I'm using YUI (Yahoo UI) and yui-ext with Ruby on Rails right now. No problem here, it works as expected.

    I've actually commented out the default libraries...
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    Thanks to the original NavEditorSelectionModel (, I had a good starting point to implement the selection "model" that I had in mind.

  18. Thank you!! :)
  19. I've got 2 grids loading from xml on the same page working now.
    I've applied separate columns css.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it possible to put the 2 grids into separate tabs? By tabs, I mean...
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