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  1. This error should be fixed for the GA release.
  2. Likely only because never requested
  3. Any idea how to clear it up? To double check myself, I typed deferredRender into the search and it told me that and Ext.layout.container.Card were the only classes that had that config...
  4. The deferredRender config should go on the layout not the panel:

  5. You know helping you use Fiddle is optional and I don't get anything out of it especially since your "nothing is rendering" isn't Fiddle's fault right?

    The reason nothing is rendering is because...
  6. Unfortunately Giddle does not play well with requiring classes because the filesystem the GUI shows is just a fake filesystem. All the files are thrown inline in the generated HTML. So for fiddle,...
  7. Something like this may help (using a ViewController):

  8. What have you tried thus far?
  9. Ext.getStore will only lookup stores registered to In your fiddle, you are not creating a global store. For this, in your ViewModel, you have to get a reference to the treelist...
  10. Controllers shouldn't know about each other, they should only know about what they control. Sharing data should be using a ViewModel or even a utility singleton class.
  11. Your screenshot doesn't look like what I see:


    Have you inspected the DOM to see what that space is? Is it for the field label or anything?
  12. If you have some specific feedback I'd be glad to hear it. Not sure how much easier mock data can be but open to suggestions if you have any.
  13. You can do something like this:

  14. Is the issue the request for ckeditor.js is failing or isn't being requested at all? If not being requested at all, with Cmd run an app build (or watch or refresh) so that the metadata is refreshed....
  15. Replies
    Will only speak from personal experience, I have a hard time blogging more only because my work at Sencha keeps be very busy, we have lots going on. Writing a book or creating a good video is a very...
  16. Hi, please post bugs in the bugs forum, not the feature request forum.
  17. Feedback is always welcomed!
  18. I understand your frustrations but all our IDE plugins create the same starting point for consistency. The plugins help you with Ext JS, not integrating Ext JS with a particular server...
  19. Hello Warren,

    This is the whole should examples be simple, complex or moderate debate and each has pros and cons and even those depend on the developer looking at it. So for you, the example...
  20. Ha, that's the other thing... what will we blame things on now? So used to saying "It's IE6's fault" :D
  21. That's because you're creating and loading a store before Ext JS says it's ready which you should never do even in an application. Also, you are setting the store instances onto the class definition...
  22. We do surveys on a random group of customers to evaluate what browsers are important/crucial to them, this is why Ext JS 5 dropped IE 6/7. If customers say they need to support IE, then we will...
  23. It's working just fine for me. Here's a very simple fiddle I used:


    I tested this on all these different versions:

    Ext JS
    Ext JS
    Ext JS
    Ext JS
  24. In Ext JS 6, you can require the font-awesome Cmd package in your app.json (if using Cmd) and then set iconCls : 'x-fa fa-refresh' on the button:

  25. Although it does mark the end of the old Microsoft's policy of lack lusterness, in the field it'll still take some time for this to work its way out. But I am enjoying this new Microsoft!
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