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  1. Good morning,

    I have a problem.. I created a form with a field check and use the labelWrap property to display the full text. The field is wide, but the right part (height) remains the original...
  2. Hi, I need to add each option of a select multiple values..

    In ExtJs I used:

    listConfig: {
    xtype: 'boundlist',
    itemSelector: 'div',
    itemTpl: [
    '{CodSoft} - {NomInd}'
  3. I have an application with Sencha Touch 2.3 and I have the next problem...

    When the device is connected to Internet, access correctly.
    When the device or have an Internet connection, access...
  4. Good morning,

    I am developing an application in ExtJS on the client side, and NodeJS on the server side.
    I have configured the proxy in the store and when I make any changes in the data, the...
  5. I'm developing a Windows 8 App and have a problem. In the template of a component list (itemTpl property) I have an img tag that contains the onError event.

    When the event is triggered, the...
  6. Hi,

    I have the same problem.. I have a formpanel with 18 textfield and when I try to scroll the view on the tablet, repainting is very slow.

    Is there any solution or some practice to improve...
  7. Hi,

    Currently in my application I use a lot Ext.getCmp().. In many parts of my application I refer to objects, How I can change the value or get value of an object without using Ext.getCmp neither...
  8. Perfect, thank you.

    What is the link to the issue? :-/
  9. Hi, I am developing an application with Sencha Touch 2.3.1 and I found a bug. When I give the OK button of a component and below I have a text field, takes the focus opening the keyboard to that...
  10. Hi,

    I have a proxy type rest connect to store.

    When I insert data is synchronized to the server, but the problem is that from the second value inserted, is always sends the position 0 of...
  11. Good afternoon, I have developed an app with Sencha Touch 2 and I want a tool (no online) for to obfuscate the code. I used "JSCruncher Pro" but I have problems with Sencha Touch, by the reserved...
  12. Yes, paste a simple code :)


    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyContainer', {
    extend: 'Ext.Container',

    config: {
  13. Hi you are correct in Touch 2.3 this is broken - it appears the update function is not being invoked


    Ext version tested:

    Touch 2.3
    Browser versions tested against:
  14. Is compatible Sencha Touch 2.3.0 with windows 8?

    Thank you
  15. Ok, thanks, but.. now how I can activate it again?

    set draggable to true no working..
  16. Hello, I'm making a sliding panel but the scroll does not work correctly. I am using property "draggable" to open and close the panel horizontally. The problem is when I scroll vertically, which in...
  17. Hi, I am developing a app with Sencha Touch 2.2.1 and I need lock/delete dynamic the draggable property of a panel. Later, I need add the property draggable the panel again.

    How can I do?
  18. Hi, I am developing a app for mobile with Sencha Touch 2.2 and I need to receive data using a web service requests but I don't know the best way to make it.

    Now I'm using Ajax, but I read that is...
  19. Thank you mitchellsimoens, The event now is working well but in version (2.2) have a different behavior from 2.1.1.

    I use the suspendEvents() before call the function in charge to execute a sql...
  20. Perfect, now works fine too :)
  21. Thank you mitchellsimoens! Works fine =D>
  22. Hello, I am using "suspendEvents()" and "resumeEvents()" but not working..

    I am developing with Sencha Touch 2.2 (Build date: 2013-04-11 12:51:10 (c47a7edc5889a0e78d6c752ebc21d8c668e120ac))

  23. Hello, I am developing a app and I using datepicker components.

    My problem is to save the value of the datetime in the database, is saved in format "Fri Apr 05 2013 00:00:00 GMT+0200 (Hora de...
  24. Hi, i am developing a app and i need a menu popup component. I've seen a example in Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink..

    Where I can get that component??

    Thank you

  25. Hi! Since yesterday the Sencha Market web displays a message "Application Error"

    Thank you

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