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  1. Hi Sir,

    The following code from Sencha Architect 2x:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyViewport', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Viewport',

    initComponent: function() {
    var me =...
  2. Hi,
    I have got a licensed version of Sencha Architect 2 installed in my system.
    The design view part is ok, but if i want to add some code in the code view, i have added, but it does not reflect in...
  3. Hi,
    I am using extjs4 and have a layout with north+east+west+center.
    In the center panel i want to create a tool like flowchart creation with a kind of tool editor.
    No idea how to design and...
  4. Hi,
    Kindly, explain it more, What exactly, you are talking about and any specific method of integrating these js files?

    Please let me know the solution to improve.

    Thanks & Regards,
  5. Sir,
    Her is my problem below:
    1) as per the attached image, I am using indivisual external js files for my html page.
    2) for viewport i am using one js file with north, west and center region...
  6. Hi,
    I am using Ext Js-4.0.2 for my project and all my pages are static html pages.
    I observe that, the html pages load very slowly, in the browser like, IE 7, IE 8 and Firefox 3.8.
    I have not...
  7. Hi,
    Till todoay, I have been using EXT2x, now I have to use 4.0.2 version for my new project.
    The sencha 4.0.2 looks completely different in terms of folder structure.
    I have dowloaded the...
  8. Thanks a lot. Yes, I have got that from examples/Pivotgrid in 3.3.1
  9. Hi,
    Which example shows the row-span/grouping in EXTJS?
    Like column grouping, can we get a grid with row-grouping?
    Please let me know.

  10. Hi,
    The path of all the images used in theme.css needs to be changed, means for grey theme all the grey images folder is there in the ext library. All the image path shoud be directed to the...
  11. Hi All,

    I need a quick support from you all.

    Currently, i am using extjs 2.2 for my project and I have dowloaded recently, 3.3.1 version.

    Please let me know what is the procedure to...
  12. Sir,
    I understand your point.
    But my requirements are:
    1) to create a grid with grouping headers using GroupingHeaderPlugin, whcih i have done.
    2) On that in the grid content part, i need to...
  13. Thanks for your quick support, but i am sorry!
    it could not help me.

    I expected that, extjs must me supporting some plugins or a specific structure to get the rowspan property.
    If it does not,...
  14. Pease let me know about rowspan option in grid.
    I know about groupingHeader plugins for a grid, but how can i use rowspan in the same grid.

    Thanks and regards,
  15. Hi All,
    I am using a grid with groupingHeader plugins.
    In the same grid i want to use rowspan also.
    Please let me know, if any plugins available or any work around?

  16. Replies
    so, you mean to say that EXT JS does not have a componet for file upload with multiple files attachment.

    Thanks for your support.
  17. Replies
    i did not understand at all.
    right now i am using an ext component for single file attachment.
    i am looking for a multiple file attachment component.

  18. Replies
    Hi All,
    How can i get a component having multiple file attachment?
    The EXT library has single file attachment.

    So, how can we customize it for multiple file attachment.


  19. Hi All,
    how can i control the column width changing automatically based on the title length of the column.

    Is there anything else other than providing the explicit with to each column?

  20. The image is here
  21. Hi I am using a layout like shown in the image.
    The layout has two sections and a pop up window on top of them.
    The right side is rendering any rtf or iframe container.

    The problem is the...
  22. Thanks a lot,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    I got the solution, The css theme was there, but i needed to change the image path as per my folder structure.

    Now its working fine. Now I am...
  23. Sir,
    please brief me more on the same. I do not have the different theme css files.
    I tried once by including grey theme css instead of ext all css, but not getting the effect.
    Kindly, guide me.
  24. Hi All,
    I am very new to Ext JS and working in a project.
    I want to change the theme to black or any other instead of the default one blue.

    Please send me the steps and required files.
    I will...
  25. Thanks, I will try that.
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