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  1. Hi, I've the same problem

    this is my code

    TextField<String> wName = new TextField<String>();
    wName.addListener(Events.Blur, new Listener<FieldSetEvent>() {
    public void...
  2. I solved this situation removing these code lines

    BeanModelReader reader = new BeanModelReader();
    ListLoader<ListLoadResult<TrialDTO>> loader = new...
  3. Hi all,

    I'm tring to populate combobox via RPC, but when I click on this widget I'm only able to get data from server side but not add into combobox. I suppose there are some problem into proxy or...
  4. Hi I've changed all
    I estend from BaseModel but what I need to do when I try to save record?
  5. Hi this is my bean class

    public class PaymentDTO extends BeanModel implements Serializable{

    public final static String DESCRIPTION = "description";
    public final static String ID =...
  6. hi

    i have the same situation...

    did you solve it? thank
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