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    Settings the style attribute did not work for me. The result I would like is that whatever the user types is always shown to them as uppercase.
  2. I can confirm the fix does resolve my original issue.
  3. This bug is still present in the SVN in 2.2. Any word on fix schedule?
  4. I've noticed this issue also happens for CheckBox labels in version 2.1.3.
  5. Also, is there a targeted version it will be fixed in?
  6. Can you link to the other issue from this thread?
  7. Actually it's worse than I thought. The call to fieldSet.collapse() is not necessary to reproduce the issue. Comment out the "fieldSet.collapse()" line and follow these steps to reproduce:

  8. I've seen some extremely weird behavior with radio items inside a popup, where the FieldSet is set programmaticallyto collapse on show().

    I've stripped down my code a great to deal to isolate the...
  9. I just spent the last 3 hours on an issue that now seems 'obvious', but I thought I'd share with the rest of the community in case someone encounters a similar problem. In the event that you put a...
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