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    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0 PR2

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0 PR2
  3. I noticed that the fields with the labels on top already get a CSS class 'x-label-align-top'. This is a better (CSS-only) fix for the problem. Just add:

  4. Ah, the thing I'm seeing at the bottom rounded corners is the box-shadow of the fieldset. Seems this is by design and has nothing to do with the labels being on top.
  5. This is a partial fix/workaround. It should remove the rounded corners of the first input field.
    Add the following config option to the items in the fieldset:

    input: { inputCls: 'below-label' }...
  6. The change event of the Ext.field.Toggle is never fired. Looking at the source code, this event should be fired in the onChange method of the Ext.field.Toggle. This method overrides the onChange...
  7. Hi,

    When the AJAX request for submitting an Ext.form.Panel is successful (a HTTP header 200 OK is returned) but the responseText does not contain the JSON element { success: true }, no callback is...
  8. Same issue. Followed the form tutorial that came up with validation component. I only get rounded corners top left. Rest are gone.
  9. Hi,

    A colleague of mine has noticed that issues with forms are reduced dramatically when wrapping all fields in a fieldset. No idea how and why but it solved some of the issues. Meanwhile card...
  10. Hi,

    Just started a proof of concept evaluating ST as an alternative to native apps.

    I have a FormPanel that renders it's (all slider) elements dynamically based on a store's contents which...
  11. Hi,

    I was just in the process of extracting certain reusable actions into Ext.Action instances. There were some minor challenges, for instance, lazy instantiation. Generally I use xtypes...
  12. Will I need to submit this bug elsewhere or will it automatically be picked up by a developer if they think it desirable?
  13. Hi,

    Thanks, naturally did a search but that one didn't come up. So what is the take on this one? Is the report closed because it has been fixed and the fix has been staged for the next release or...
  14. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1

    Adapter used:
  15. Hi,

    I am using the ComboBox and was experiencing some issues of the wrong field value being posted. After some research it turned out this only happened for some items with identical display...
  16. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that I've recently added Ext Core support to the Lift web framework version 2.0 M4. Lift already supported jQuery and YUI and since I am planning to write a full...
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    I didn't see the descriptor parameter in your json response:

    { "descriptor":"Agt.rpc.REMOTING_API", ... }Best,

    Dirk Louwers
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    Ok, I have figured out that issues arise from the combobox getting rendered while it's invisible. Unfortunately it's contained by a hidden div that I have no control over. Is there a standard trick...
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    FF 3.5
    OSX 10.6
    Ext 3.1

    Using the ComboBox Templates example as a base I have created a searching combobox as follows:
  20. Because it isn't always empty. It's only empty in this case. This is light adaptation of an existing web application and we are iteratively updating it to use more and more of Ext's features. Yes,...
  21. Had some issues installing FireBug but here is the deal.


    <script type="text/javascript"> Ext.getCmp('tabpanel').getActiveTab().getUpdater().update({
  22. I am now using:

    var mgr = Ext.getCmp('tabpanel').getActiveTab().getUpdater();
    mgr.loadScripts = true;

    Unfortunately this doesn't help yet. I will try...
  23. Hi,

    I have been able to get JavaScript regexp'ed out of response and evaluated using Updater.update. I would like to be able to do the same with:

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    Excellent, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
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    Are you referring to Ext.form.Action.Submit? Could you be a bit more specific please?


    Dirk Louwers
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