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    So, i end up doing some dirty trick =_=

    set the focus back to my current column and then set the grid value, and then set the focus to the next column
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    I have a grid with multiple CellEdit columns. For certain columns, when I unfocus, I will call an AJAX service to recalculate the data for the whole grid and repopulate the whole grid. It's working...
  3. seems no one is replying to your thread. But this has helped me. Thanks alot!
  4. COOL!!
  5. for me, the work around is to add the listener to the 'grid' isntead of the particular component.

    If i'm not mistaken, locked column will separate the grid into 2 grids acutally, 1 with locked...
  6. hi, do you mind to share what is the workaround? will really appreaciate it. :D
  7. hi, for all who want to add intellisense to VS2010, apparently the problem is only with the "path". Try the full path, eg : "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\website\ext-all-dev.js" , it works like a charm!!
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