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    Don't know when the paramNames config option was introduced to the store, but it's in 3.4.2 and that's what we're still on. With this version you'd have to use...
  2. Yeah, but, while being part of the public interface, the function references a local variable in the constructor which is not available in the new context.
  3. Thanks richwastaken, your solution seems to be working fine.
    Anybody got a clue how to put this into an override file without touching the library code itself? Doesn't seem too easy since...
  4. When a custom renderer is defined in a column models defaults, custom renderers in individual columns are overwritten with the default when a grid state is applied via...
  5. Update: unable to reproduce after restarting Chrome.
  6. Hi all,

    same behaviour here with ExtJS 3.4.0 in Chrome 23.
    My bet is on the HTMLEditor component ...

  7. This is not a duplicate of bug #1033.

    While this bug relates to duplicate display fields, the OP's problem are duplicate value fields. Just ran into this myself.

    In this case the submitted...
  8. Description:
    When an Ext.ToolTip is registered with the "delegate" option, the timeout that delays the tooltip display is not reset when the mouse leaves the delegate target.

    Test case:
    Try the...
  9. As always, I searched the forum before posting a new thread. So if you remember the thread you mentioned I'd be grateful if you could share it, please move this thread to the bugs forum otherwise.
  10. This is in ExtJS 3.4.0 but I suspect that other versions are also affected.

  11. When using drag and drop (on a grid in my case, but I assume it's the same for all drag and drop interfaces), mousedown events are stopped too early in Ext.dd.DragDrop.handleMouseDown for IE to...
  12. The issue described by the OP is still valid, his overrides are correct and necessary to avoid a JavaScript error when deleting an HTMLEditor before it has completely been initialized.

  13. In a border layout, regions of type "container" do not relayout when the width of the border layout component is decreased. This only happens in IE. It does NOT happen when using the default XType of...
  14. Since at some point anchor layout was changed to use getViewSize() (at least I assume that this is where the problem came up), anchor layouts break when the height of a child component changes...
  15. That's correct, but its the same with every third party framework:
    If you extends its functionality, you have to take care of the maintenance yourself.
  16. @ george4rotech

    Querying for class names is in no way better than referencing private members. IMHO it's even worse because it relies on a component's DOM to stay the same with every release....
  17. You are in this position whenever your code contains references to non-public methods or properties. This plugin's code manipulates the combo's list and innerList members, both of which are...
  18. Sorry, my bad. I forgot to remove not only the brackets but the "new" keyword also:

    plugins: [Ext.ux.ComboListAutoSizer]

    Singleton means there is one global instance of the class for reuse, you...
  19. @ itrushn:

    Ext.ux.ComboListAutoSizer is implemented as a singleton.
    Just use

    plugins: [new Ext.ux.ComboListAutoSizer]
  20. Great plugin, had to make two changes though:

    The list has no items on first expand if the store is remote, so you need to check for the existence of an item row before instantiating TextMetrics...
  21. Just a minor visual glitch:
    Text content in all Ext.form.TextField based components is displaced 2px to the bottom in FF3.6.

    Try with any of the form examples, like...
  22. One may add, announcing new components and then stuffing them in Ext.ux is not the proper way because that means these "new components" are not really part of the framework and thus not documented...
  23. Ext.Button's doAutoWidth method does not account for anchoring.
    When it's called after changing the text on a button, anchoring gets lost in favour of automatic adjusting the width to the text...
  24. It's already gone in 3.1.2.
    High time we upgrade, I guess.

  25. Update:

    This also occurs with hideMode: "offsets" and seems to be more of a problem with box layout. If you replace the hbox layout with a border layout, all is fine.
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