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  1. Still in 2.4.2
  2. I also had the same problem using Sencha Touch 2.4. It appears to be a problem with...
  3. Any other have issues with this ? My whole app does not load anymore. I don't like this Firefox release..
  4. I had this issue before while running Java JDK 32 on a 64 bit OS
  5. +1 would love to this added to the ExtJS package
  6. it's been a while and I don't remember all the details but I did find a solution to my problem. Cheating with return result didnt work somehow because at some point there is a validation with the...
  7. If I configure my buffered store with 100 records per page and the result from the server query return less then 100 records, then the summary is always displayed perfectly when I scroll to the...
  8. +1 =D>

    with the push to using buffered render grid/store since 4.0 there is no reason that this is not supported by the framework.
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    Anyone else ?

    My apps work perfectly in Chrome, FF, IE7-8-9 but doesnt render in Safari (for Windows). If I inspect the element, all the DOM is generated. The page stays white, no error...
  10. ever found a solution or what caused the problem ?
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    Excellent. The page Analyser load fine. I'll need to dig into this to find what's wrong. I'll report back if there is anything interesting.
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    Just trying the new 4.2rc and much of my application just don't load (upgrade from 4.13)

    On the initial load, I have a bunch of "Layout run failed". What is causing this and how to debug / fix...
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    Yes Don, we load grid with many records based on different request and rendering a grid using different renredrer on columns takes up a lot of time. With buffered grid, the load/render time is always...
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    I was building a navigation menu with this before we implemented the buffered store. Now, I have a note (to do:) that this menu is incomplete and it only has the current viewed records.

    I can...
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    using collec method gives

    data.collect is not a function ext-all-dev.js (line 96323)

    (firebug show data as Ext.util.LruCache)
  17. In blue, code needed to add support to the grid reconfigure event

    init: function(grid) {
  18. thanks for this post, really helpful :D
  19. +1 to add this suggestion. works like a charm! B)
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    this is what I have been using, over netbeans and Zend Studio and I really like it. The product has consistent update and is really fast (on my machine anyway). I recommend it!
  21. I need some help building my project (ns= SOL). My project structure and namespace are all compliant, expect one place where I have "SOL.labels.*" in each language different folder

  22. I have had the same problem. In the Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature class, add in the attachEvents method:

    attachEvents: function() {
    var me = this,
    view = me.view,
  23. the part about the feature actually not working true, look like a DUP.

    However, it's still missing the lockableScope config in Ext.grid.feature.Feature
  24. Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature does not work when a grid is configured with "enableLocking: true"

    In the description of this config option, it is stated that both plugins and features can be...
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    Really, 100$ for an enterprise ready theme isn't so much, even 250$. However, anyone ready to pay this is likely to develop is own custom theme and make sure no one else as "that look". So you're...
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