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    Do you have code you can share for this?
  2. I find it odd that I haven't heard a response on this from Sencha. We're at a point where the development teams are getting frustrated and talking about abandoning Sencha Architect.
  3. What ever happened to this? You're github appears to only be a shell.
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    Is there a CDN for ExtJs6 that we can try?
  5. Ok. That was simple enough. Editing the config worked for me.
  6. I've never had any luck getting the proxy to work. Maybe we need a config option to specify the sdk like the command line takes.

    I was able to create classes by Opening an existing project. The...
  7. The first command doesn't work.

    $ sencha generate app -ext MyApp /c/tmp/MyApp
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.39
    [WRN] Did not locate framework package
    [ERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
  8. IntelliJ now starts up fine after installing the newest plugin. Now when I create an app or workspace it says it's creating it....but then nothing happens. The top right corner has the application...
  9. I installed the IntelliJ plugin and IntelliJ will no longer launch. It freezes while launching. I installed through the IntelliJ plugin installer. 14.1.1.

    I first tried to reinstall IntelliJ,...
  10. What I've had to do when this happens is remove every store from all of the grids. Click on refresh in the canvas and you should get your view back. Then add all of the stores back to the grids. ...
  11. @aconran

    I've added more details in the below post...which is possibly a duplication of this one.
  12. We had 3 separate teams report that their app.js "reset". The teams were using 2 different versions. &

    2 of the teams reverted their changes to a previous commit and had to...
  13. After discovering my symptoms this issue seems like it may be the same as..Once I added a directFn for read my view rendered.
  14. It seems it has something to do with the store. If I remove the store the screen renders. Here is my store.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

  15. I downloaded a newer version of Sencha Architect and let it upgrade both the Sencha Architect/CMD versions associated with my app and also from ExtJs 5.0 to ExtJs 5.1. After doing this I can deploy...
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    I just worked around this by stepping outside of Sencha CMD and doing the cordova build manually. CMD puts the assets in the proper place, so you should just have to run...

    cordova platform add...
  17. +1

    The command I was trying to execute is...

    sencha upgrade --beta

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [INF] Determining the latest version of Sencha Cmd
    [ERR] Download...
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    I still get the same error with CMD Is this supposed to be fixed? Is there a work around?
  19. I'm not sure how you implemented it without seeing any code. Maybe you can try adding a sorttype.
  20. Thanks Gil. Turing off the "Show Available Updates" stopped from having to click immediately.

  21. I have the migrated folder out there in SA 2.2's directory. I still get prompted but perhaps it's because I haven't been able to sign on. If I don't close the log in prompt within a few seconds SA...
  22. Is there any ETA for the fix?

    A quick work around is to add this to the handler (or controller) for the button.

    if (Ext.isIE8 || Ext.isIE7 || Ext.isIE6) {
    location.href =...
  23. This also applies if I try to add say a percent % sign. I.e.
    format: '0.0%'

    It works fine outside of architect. I worked around it by doing it in a renderer.

  24. @Animal, could you tell us exactly what we need to override to fix this issue?
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    See this thread:
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