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  1. Alright, I'll go ahead with 4.1.. Hopefully it...


    I'll go ahead with 4.1.. Hopefully it satisfies this feature :)

    Thank you.
  2. Should I change to 4.1?

    Thanks for the reply..

    And thank you for noticing the difference between the versions scott!

    So I'll have to change my version to 4.1 instead in order to achieve this feature?

    Thank you.
  3. Treepanel tree-node-hover.. not displaying cursor:pointer;

    I was following this link to get my tree functionality// in a EXT Viewport on the west panel..

    I have incorporated the...
  4. Replies

    Configuring Panel Drag with Proxy!

    I have a Portal Drag and Drop layout configured where I have many buttons in the east(accordion) panel and a tabpanel in the center which is a portalpanel.

    Currently, when I click on a...
  5. Hi Friend, Thank for pointing out the docs.. ...

    Hi Friend,

    Thank for pointing out the docs..

    In my case, all I see is a div created with the id I specify, so can I tweak the code from docs

    draggable: { delegate: 'h1' }
  6. Any Ideas on what might be wrong?

    Sorry for bumping this topic.. Any help on this guys?
  7. Portlet is dragged when clicked on body. Need to disable it.

    Hello guys,

    I followed the Portlet demo for extjs 4.0.7..

    My portlets are dragged and I can drop them in any columns. But they can be dragged even when I click on the portlet's body.

  8. Thanks but I ended up using another approach.

    Thanks but I ended up using another approach.
  9. Tab not showing properly!

    Thanks for sharing the code.

    But when I click on (+) button, I see a new tab, but nothing really show's up!

    Here's my code!

    Ext.define('', {

  10. Tried with itemId.. But not working either.

    Hi tvanzoelen,
    I tried with this too
    Ext.ComponentQuery.query('app-portal-1 #'+this.defaultPortalColumn);, but it doesn't work either.. I read the docs.. but it's kinda confusing :( Also, does it...
  11. So will it be something like: { ...

    So will it be something like:

    title: 'Tab 1',
    items: [{
    id: 'app-portal-1',
    xtype: 'portalpanel',
    region: 'center',...
  12. Calculating portal columns to add portlets dynamically per Tab

    Hello guys,
    Is there a way I can get rid of the 'id:col-0', 'id:col-1', and so on, so that I can add a panel dynamically inside the tab, which is essentially a portalpanel?

    items: [{
  13. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I am using Extjs...

    Thanks for your reply.
    I am using Extjs 4.0.7

    But I solved the problem using
    Ext.getCmp(portalId).on('close',function() {.

    Thanks :-)
  14. Panel Listener's Close event is not captured..

    Hello guys,
    I am saving the state of all my panels / portlets in the db by constructing json and saving it.
    It renders back perfectly on page load.
    But until recently, I tried to capture the close...
  15. Hi CrazyEnigma, sorry this post is too old for...

    Hi CrazyEnigma, sorry this post is too old for this comment, but I have a similar issue. Could you please elaborate on what is a "config" file here? I am trying to achieve similar thing as...
  16. Bump

    Bump.. No replies yet :((:s
  17. BUMP


    Guys, is this a bug? Can't we use a portalpanel inside a tabpanel?

    If it's a bug at least I'll try out some other things :-|

  18. TABS not Displayed in TABPANEL using the PORTALPANEL Example! Ext 4.0.7

    Hello community,

    I have tweaked the Portal example and added TabPanel which has PortalPanel and Portlets inside it.. Everything works correctly.. But the TABS aren't displayed in the TABPANEL.....
  19. BUMP

    BUMP....Anyone here to answer my question? :( Need help.. I have almost solved the question myself.... I have added tabportal and portalpanel inside the tabportal.. But for some reason the TABS don't...
  20. PortalPanel Inside TabPortal Problem.. With the help of Portal Example.. Please help.

    Hello folks,
    First of all I am a newb in Extjs and an amateur in JS, so please forgive me.

    I initially followed the Portal example, as my requirement is to have an accordion, a tabportal having...
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