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  1. ExtJS 3.4 Remote Combo in editable grid select previously typed values

    Hi All,

    Please help me on this. My issue is explained below.

    If we type in remote combo field on a form then it does not select previously typed values and allow us to type ahead but if we...
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    Auto Scrolling Grid View in Extjs 3.4

    Hi All, Can anyone know about or ever worked on auto scrolling grid (bottom to top direction) like news ticker. An example is It goes from right to left. I Need to go bottom to up....
  3. view: new Ext.grid.GridView({ onLoad:...

    view: new Ext.grid.GridView({ onLoad: Ext.emptyFn, //Stop Grid Refresh listeners: { beforerefresh: function (v) { v.scrollTop = v.scroller.dom.scrollTop; }, refresh:...
  4. That's working fine for me.

    That's working fine for me.
  5. Thanks Kurt ... :)

    Thanks Kurt ... :)
  6. Invalid CSS property name "How to Remove These Warnings"

    Hi i have a Sencha Touch 2 application. I have to making a production level build for this but before making build i want to remove all the warnings from the application . I am using chrome 29 it is...
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    Need Editable Grid Example In Sencha Touch 2

    Hi please please help me to fix my problem. I Need Editable Grid in Sencha Touch 2 . Many members on the forum said that there is an example for this but no one gave the link for that Example. So...
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    Hi mitchell can you please provide the link for...

    Hi mitchell can you please provide the link for that example
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    Editable Grid

    Can any help me to make an editable grid in sencha touch 2
  10. Hi Please help me to find the solution for this....

    Hi Please help me to find the solution for this.

    Is there is way to find LIST CELL CLICK EVENT in sencha touch 2?
  11. How to find which cell is clicked in a list item

    Actually i want to get the cell index which i clicked in a list item .
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