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  1. Sencha Cmd v 6.2.1 - Invalid Path - AGAIN !

    So after a year I figured Sencha probably fixed Cmd , why not try and generate an app. So this time I ran the cmd from a clean Ext-6.2.1 folder.

    I get the exact same error, and from the looks...
  2. Kinda / Sorta...

    Looking at the createGetter methods on BelongsTo and HasOne; there is an else clause that is entered for subsquent callers of the association(s). The else clause is entered when an instance has been...
  3. HasOne Association, Suggestion: provide event in addition to the callback for load

    In the case of associated models that are loaded async I see a need for an event in addition to the standard getter method with callback(s).

    The reason being the callback notification is limited...
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    Thanks worked great!

    Yes, that worked for us.

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    Works great thanks!

    Thanks so much, exactly what I needed.
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    Change size of the tabs on a TabPanel

    Been looking this over, don't see any convenient config. There are a lot of complex styles and interdependent style rules.

    Before I give up I thought I would ask if anyone has done this. We...
  7. Thanks... now I have this issue....

    Wow that's great, so now I just need to learn the loader. I thought that using the require function would work ?

    I'm not in an application just in the dom ready event handler. Is there some...
  8. Chrome Debugger vs Huge Single File With Entire Library

    I was fooling around with one of the menu examples. I think the controls are great. Was going to step into some of the render stages to practice debugging into the library.

    Noticed the...
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    Right On - Thanks...

    Yea , it looks like you have to write some code with this. I also think the class system should separate members that belong to the class system itself ( like extend ) from members that are part of...
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    First Look At New Class System

    Im reading the User Guide trying to understand this :

    a.) The example references a constructor method. So one new to ExtJs would logically infer there is some construction responsibilities...
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