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  1. up! ~o):)
  2. up!It's possible that is a bug?
  3. Yes, because i have a grid that loads this store too and everything is normal
  4. No errors occured during the build.
    The response is a simple json like:


  5. up
  6. I'm using ExtJS 4.2 and Sencha Cmd v4.0.4.84Thanks
  7. Hello!

    I'm having some trouble with Charts only in build, in dev works fine with no errors.

    This is the error that console returns:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of...
  8. I have relied in your tutorial to built my plugin, it great for reference.Thanks :)
  9. The solution:
    cmp.el.on('click', function(event, target) { cmp.fireEvent('openRel', cmp);}, null, {delegate: 'a'});Needs to get the DOM of the component and then delegate a click event to the tag.
  10. Hello!

    I have a custom component with a link into a html tpl, i need when i click in this link the component fire an event to i listen in the controller.


    tpl: [
  11. I have made a plugin to download Excel from converting a grid to HTML, i will post to download here soon as possible.Thx...
  12. But how you send the data format to an excel spreadsheet?Thanks
  13. Hello!

    There's plugin that has a solution to export a ExtJS grid to Excel/CSV ?
    All plugins that i've found didn't work well in ExtJs 4.*.

    Thx.. ~o)~o)
  14. Hello!

    I need to hide some checkboxes on my grid panel based on a record value, i've already searched on stack and other but with no success.

    This is the only config i made in grid to show the...
  15. Awesome! I'll try this soon that i can!
  16. Replies
  17. Replies

    not sure with is a sencha cmd or an extjs question.

    I've searched without success, how to use overrides, i need to create more properties on GMapPanel, i created a override in...
  18. Solved,Need to edit app.json and require Ext.Locale and then put this line in .sencha/app/sencha.cfg "app.locale=es"
  19. up ~o)~o)
  20. up ~o)~o)
  21. I've tried to load on my Application.js and then do a build but with no success.


  22. Hello!

    I need to use the locale package in ext.


    "name": "MyApp",
  23. It's kind of strange re-build the app, but if is necessary..

    Thank you !
  24. Thank you!!!

    But, just for I understand, why the dev folder depends the build, the build folder is not only the final production?

    The sencha app refresh should not be the solution?

  25. Now works, but I needed to upload the production folder too, the dev folder depends the build folder to work correctly?
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