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    push view from nestedList

    I have a nestedList with four items.
    I also have a navigationView with 4 cards.

    This is what i want to achieve:
    when pushed on NestedListItem(0): navigationView(0) must be pushed.
    this action...
  2. show new view at click on a nested view Item

    I have created a nested view, and I want to load an existing view when the user selects a leaf item of this nested view. How can I create this behaviour in Sencha Architect?
  3. thanks. This is the solution.

    thanks. This is the solution.
  4. List does not show json items

    show an iPhone screen with two sections:
    - headers
    - details

    The header sections is a fieldset in a panel.
    The detail section is a list, filled with values from a JSON store. This list...
  5. split screen: top fieldset and bottom carousel

    I use a tab-panel as base.

    in one of the tabs, I want to split the screen horizontal:
    the upper half needs to contain a Fieldset, for master data .
    the lower half needs to contain a carousel,...
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