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    Did you manage to customize the text displayed in the legend? I'm searching for this also
  2. Yep, I'm planning to implement the charts in my project. Not started yet but I think it's not that difficult. The examples should give a good start.
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    I'm using the touchgridpanel and I'm verry happy with it.
    One small question , is it possible to set the background color of a whole row based upon
    a value in the datarow of the store? The sample...
  4. Hi Mehul,

    I would suggest to use the extensions of mitchell,
    see his signature for the url of the demo
    I'm currently using the touchgridpanel for my own project and it works fine

  5. I discovered the same today. The behavior is also in the examples. Just a basic TabPanel, the first time you have to click twice to have an other tab enabled.
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