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  1. I downloaded the yui-ext.js 0.33 rc 3 and used it on my web page and I still get the error.

    Here is the url to my webpage that gets the error:
  2. I checked the filenames and the script tags and it checks out. Here is js code that I am using on my page:

    DataMapLayout = function(){
    var layout;
    var grid;
  3. I just clicked on the following link:

    and i went down to line 92. This is the target tag with the name yui-ext.js.

    If you look at line...
  4. I used the jsb file that Jack put in the yui-ext svn and built a complete yui-ext.js file. When I use the yui-ext file in my web page I still get the same error from Firefox.

    I didnt get this...
  5. After trying to do a build of all of the yui-ext files with JSBuilder I get the following error from firefox:

    YAHOO.ext.util has no properties yui-ext-debug.js (line 88),

    Line 88:...
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    I have downloaded the latest version of JSBuilder (1.1). I tried building a single js file (target.js) using all of the js files listed in the source directory of the yui-ext.0.33-rc3 build. When I...
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    Can I add a wait icon to a tab label without modifying the yui-ext source code?

    I want to load remote data into different tabs using yui layouts and I want to show which tabs are still...
  8. I saw the propsgrid css file. Which css rule is used to highlight the label column?

    For my personal understanding, how does the propsgrid or yui-ext javascript code specify which css rule to use?...
  9. Jack,

    I was reviewing the propsgrid example (layout6) you put together and I was wondering how you where able to highlight the property label cell in blue when the user clicks on the row. I see...
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    I want to add a button to a cell in each row. I believe I know the answer but I want to double check.

    I believe the easiest way is to create a button editor object and assign it to a...
  11. That fixed it.


  12. I am using a JSON data model for my grid and I added a listener for the onCellUpdated event. I tried to get the value of the grid during the onCellUpdated event but I keep getting a null value.
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    I having a small problem with implementing the renderer and the cell preprocessor.

    Here's some background on the problem:
    I created a widget that is modeled after the...
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    I am using the selecteditor for the yui grid and I was wondering how I can store the option value a user has selected from the selecteditor box but still show the option text in the grid.
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    In the future release. would the datamodel move up from



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    I want to create an AJAX-based select control on on my web page that can be utilized by the yui-ext grid.

    I already have figured out how to do this with a JS function, the Yahoo connection...
  17. The updated css fixed the problem listed in my first post above.

    It may be helpful to add that tidbit to the documentation since alot of people are using the grid-ext and will probably have to...
  18. Besides the addition of the dataIndex to the column model are there other things that need to be added to the grid configuration in order to support 0.32.3? I am migrating from 0.32.1?
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    In the intro paragraph of Jack's home page it says that yui-ext is BSD. Check it out.
  20. Jack,

    I'm seeing some strange behavior when using GridEditor when I use the 0.32.3 version of yui-ext.

    I wanted to use the cell editors and the new DomHelper together in one page. However,...
  21. Jack,

    After playing around with the grid, I started thinking about an AJAX Drop Down Box that could be used as a cell editor.

    I believe I could use the YUI autocomplete library to build it. ...
  22. I am using PHP, MySQL and the yahoo-ext grid.

    The grid is calling a php file to get the rows in JSON format. So naturally, I'm using the JSONDataModel to load the grid.

    When I do that, the...
  23. Jack,

    I found the problem. The formatDate function needs an additional line in order to work correctly:

    Original formatDate Code:

    var formatDate = function(value){
  24. Jack,

    Thanks for the help. I started using the formatDate code listed above in my grid but I am getting a javascript error saying ""value.dateFormat is not a function". I am including the...
  25. I have added a column that uses the date editor. I have the date editor set with the following values:

    editor: new yg.DateEditor({format: 'MM/dd/yyyy', minValue: '01/01/06'})

    Once the date...
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