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  1. Hi,

    Even I have the same problem in my application too. Can any one suggest what is going wrong.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have found a class by name frame in which we have method as setUrl(). Using that method we can load a HTML page in to the GXT application.
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    Hi All,

    Even I have the same requirement as specified by Mr John. Can anybody have a solution for that?

    I just have a html file and it has to be loaded in to a content panel on some user...
  4. Thanks Colin for the reply.

    Is that the only way we can apply styles to GXT components since it will be a lot of hectic work to go that way round?

    When will be theme builder is being released?
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    Hi All,

    Can any body suggest a Functional and Unit Testing tools for Sencha GXT applications.

    I tried with JUnit testing tool. But while trying to create a instance of a java class which...
  6. Hi All,

    Can any once suggest a testing tool(Automated or Manual testing for Sencha GXT 3.0.X applications?
  7. Hi all,

    Can any one provide me some heads up or some information in customizing the themes in GXT 3.0.

    Customizing means how can we apply only colors to the component background instead of...
  8. Hi Cristi,
    I think by using the CSS that you have specified above we can only change the font colour and text. What if I want to change the background colour of the button itself.

  9. Yeah that is helping in differentiating the sprites on the draw component instance.

    One more thing in event handling concept.

    For the above example only if I add a image sprite and then I...
  10. Colin I think I did not make my point clear. Here is what I'm trying to explain you.

    DrawComponent surface = new DrawComponent();
    // X,Y,height and width values and ZIndex value
  11. Hi Colin Alworth.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Above code works as fine if we want to have a common functionality to be applied to all the sprites on a draw component instance.

    In the above case...
  12. Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me how to handle a mouse over event on a sprite like (RectangleSprite) in GXT 3.0.
    I could not find a proper documentation or example on how to handle the event.

  13. Hey mitchell can please explain the necessity to create a accessor for reading the reader's rawdata property?
  14. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Thanks for the reply and did it work as expected.
  15. Hi All,
    I have a service which returns data which I need to access pro-grammatically or parse using a store.
    My response data is in the below format,

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