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    Hi, I am using Google Charts in your portlets. Whenever I drag portlets the container is empty afterwards and the chart that was previously displayed disappears. How can I solve this issue?
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    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    Ext GWT 3.0.0

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    (and desktop environment, if applicable)

    Chrome 17, Windows 7
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    Is the theme available in beta 4? Because I'm inheriting from the theme but basically still get the blue one.
  4. If someone wants to see what is happening, please go to and sign in as Password is test. Click on the left symbol in the project table to start the...
  5. I am using a FormPanel and inside I just placed the source code from the demo application for simple forms. The form panel in my application is collapsible and lies in the center of a boarder layout...
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    I'm not sure whether it's a configuration error or a bug, but I get weird collapsing behaviour of panels although I stick to the tutorial source code. Here is my source code:

    mainLayout = new...
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    I've got a problem with the autoresizing of portals in my GWT application. Basically, I want to implement the portal like here. So if I change the window size, I want that my portlets also...
  8. Here is the code that caused the problem. I provide the ColumnModel from an external factory to keep the table widget modular. In order to get the code working, I just put the stuff from the...
  9. It seems that there is a problem if I assign the content panel to an element within the UiBinder. I could fix this by reassigning and recreating the table whenever I get new grid data.
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    I'm trying to produce a multi-line element for Grids to display text that wraps lines. Does anybody know a way to implement this? The size of the rows stays always the same.

  11. Whenever I use the CheckBoxSelectionModel I get a NPE the first time a data grid loads. However, if I reload the grid using Ctrl + F5, everything works out fine. This is what I get:

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