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    The main problem is Ext handles classes in the "Ext" way, there are now some standards out there that I would love to see Ext become compatible with but I'm not sure they have the desire to do so. I...
  2. I think I tracked down the error, Component.onShow is calling doConstrain() and then you have showAt in calling it again. I stepping through I notice the first call constrains the menu...
  3. We are using menu buttons and moving over to ext4, but it seems if the size of the menu with the items rendered would exceed the size of the screen the whole menu renders with just the up and down...
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    I ported this plugin to Ext4, you can find my work here:
  5. Hey Mitchell:

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I can't update the original thread as I'm not the original author. Also because of how the forums are structured and split into the different...
  6. We use the RowActions extensively throughout our application, especially the group actions thus the ActionColumn that was introduced with Ext 4 didn't fulfill our needs. I don't know if Saki was...
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    I have a simple yet possibly silly question. Has anyone hooked this plugin up with the state handler before? I'm about to make an attempt just never dealt with the state handler within plugins. My...
  8. It seems this was an intermittent bug in prototype, if you look at the link provided you will see they mention it was already fixed in git for prototype:
  9. It works fine for me. Always use a web server, never test with IE through the local file system.
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    Been looking for something to handle a nice monthly / weekly view like this, was just about to start work on my own when I came across this thread. Unfortunately, I'm getting a "bandwidth exceeded"...
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    ISO-8859-1 is Latin1.
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