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    I used the splitter bar heavily in my last application, and while it offered a huge improvement over static HTML the layout was fixed - albeit resizable.

    I think an incredible improvement in UI...
  2. I was provided this code earlier this week but couldn't find original post to reference it, so I will re-post this code here (slightly modified):

    var grid =...
  3. Not sure how would I do that? Build window dynamically and reference the listbox? Can you show me how you might do this?

  4. Just curious, I have a series of gridpanel listboxes showing data and the interface has become somewhat convoluted/complicated.

    I added some collapsible buttons to the panels to allow users to...
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    Agreed. I too spend countless hours every week in other forums and profit motivation is just wrong. For starters, I would probably stop paying attention to those which were free and focus my time on...
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    I have finally got a skeleton built from GridPanel extending the base class. :)

    Now I want to replace/reimplement the store to parse JSON data that includes the column headers as well, as a last...
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    I've been using ExtJS for about a year now, while I am comfortable using it's default components and occassional UX I am still very wet behind the ears when it comes to custom control development.
  8. This is what I have managed to cobble togather and it appears to work:

    var temp = [selection];
    Ext.each(cols, function(object, index){
  9. I have finally figured out how to create dynamic columns (I think) but when I change the columnbs at runtime I lose the checkbox selection model as the first column as I do not return that from the...
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    This is driving me crazy I have tried about 4 different threads examples removed all clutter and still nothing works, please help me figure out what I am missing:

    This is the index.php page that...
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    I have Googled and found a few references to how this might be done.

    Is there a plugin, or should I just handle this manually? Basically I am thinking, fetch the column names using AJAX:

  12. I have a rather detailed dialog, with a grid at the bottom of it, acting as an advanced search function. Each time the controls (textfields, dates, multiselect, options) change I want to update the...
  13. I have a lot of text sent to client from server which has been encoded server-side - must be done this way.

    So I have a combobox that allows users to search via keywords and the list populates...
  14. Thanks it s a start. Just a side note, there is no parent grid and child grid, but instead both are independent, no sure if that makes a difference???

  15. I have two grid panels. One needs to have it's scrollbar disabled/invisible, the other needs a visible vertical scrollbar. Whenever anyone scrolls the one grid the other should synchonize as well.
  16. I think I have done that:



    fieldLabel: 'Customer',
    anchor: '100%',
  17. I have the following code inside a combo select:

    var cboModel = Ext.getCmp('id_combo_model');
    cboModel.setValue('');'id_manufacturer', id_manufacturer);...
  18. Hello,

    I already have the ID and the customer name, but I need to set the combobox to display the customer name and the hiddenValue to ID, otherwise when I POST the customer name populates the...
  19. EDIT | Just to clarify the issue I am having. Basically i need the ability to update both the combo value and it's hidden value, as the value is the customer name and hidden value is the customer ID...
  20. Awesome, yes, as long as the number of columns can remain arbitrary that should work perfect!!! Thanks so much

  21. Greetings,

    I am trying to build something of a very basic Gantt chart (not interested in purchase of commercial plugins at this time) and all I really need for the time being is a GridPanel with...
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    I have tried adding the tabIndex property to all visible controls in the order I need them accessed via keyboard but I am getting weird behavior.

    I start the tabIndex of the first dialog control...
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    I have tried applying bodyStyle like this:

    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    activeTab: 0,
    frame: true,
    defaults: {autoHeight: true},
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    I have a tab setup and in each one I have a single grid. The padding of the tab is throwing off the interface, is must be possible to remove that padding/margin using CSS or even better through the...
  25. I don't see anything technically wrong with that, is there? I didn't use JsonStore simply because I was ujnder the impression it owuld be slightly heavier as an object and required additional...
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