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    Do you have this

    Do you have this

    <div id="appLoadingIndicator">

    in your index.html?
  2. fixed

    ok i figured out what was wrong.

    i haven't found the sencha touch compass gem version requirements so here's how i got it to work.

    this is what i HAD (and did not work)

    haml (3.0.25, 2.2.24,...
  3. :bump: i still need help. has anyone ever...


    i still need help. has anyone ever figured out how to use custom icons with sencha touch?
  4. also, i have these: haml (3.0.25, 2.2.24,...

    also, i have these:

    haml (3.0.25, 2.2.24, 2.2.20, 2.2.16)
    haml-edge (3.1.79, 2.3.163, 2.3.100)

    and i'm not sure how to use compass with a specific older gem version, i'd like to test...
  5. Theming tutorial, compiling sass/scss help please?

    Hi everyone,

    i'm following this tutorial
    and all i really want to do is add/change a bytton icon. so what i gather is, the png...
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